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Something Old, Something New, and Something Borrowed

Businesses are constantly opening, closing, and moving in Corvallis – at least, they are when the economy is good. And since the national economy has been slowly but steadily improving for more than ten years, after being rescued from a death plunge in the Spring of 2009, business is pretty good in Corvallis in the Fall of 2019.

In the last few weeks, there have been three interesting store openings that have caught people’s attention:

Something Old: Kinetic Bagel Institute is a name familiar to people who have been in Corvallis awhile. It would have been easy for “Kinetic Bagel Institute” to have remained just another old name for old timers to toss back and forth, like “The Hobbit Hole” and “The Red Horse,” or a wink-and-a-nod in-joke like the “Electric Lunch” special at the McMenamin’s on Monroe Avenue – named after the restaurant that occupied the same address almost a hundred years ago. But, while Olga’s Ice Cream Parlor may never serve up another Black and Tan Sundae, the wheel has come full circle for the Kinetic Bagel Institute, who are back to serve “Food for People in Motion” in the form of delicious bagels.

Located at 250 NW 1st Street, the former location of Abbys Furniture 

Something New: Pre-Atomic Records deals in used vinyl, tapes, and CDs. While their name and atomic-diagram logo are clearly retrofuturistic “TransistorPunk” references, Pre-Atomic Records is an entirely new enterprise. The store uses light fixtures and display tables in Art Moderne style (think “boomerang”), and old posters and album covers to create a sense of visiting a shop that might have existed in the 1950s, ‘60s, or ‘70s. The resemblance to an old-school record shop isn’t quite as authentic as all that, since smoking is no longer allowed in retail businesses, and managers now insist on vacuuming the floors regularly. Still, the hairpin table legs definitely help.

Located in Suite H1 of Madison Plaza, at 425 SW Madison Avenue, in the old J.C. Penney’s building 

Something Borrowed: Bodhi Artisan Bakery has existed in Albany for several years and has sold its breads, pastries, and juice blends at farmers’ markets all over the Willamette Valley. Now, the bakery is setting up a new location in Corvallis, at the former location of the downtown Allann Brothers Beanery, which was located there for more than forty years. The folks at Bodhi Bakery recognize that those who miss the Beanery may be skeptical of their tenancy, and are doing their best to show their respect for the history of the location while “looking forward to serving you for another 40 years.” The most important thing they can do to honor the tradition of “the Bean,” of course, is to serve good coffee. Bodhi will be serving Water Street Coffee, whose motto is “We’re on the quest to perfection.”

Located at 500 SW 2nd Street 

So it goes: like a bagel, or a phonograph record, or some kinds of bread, the wheel of life keeps rolling onward. Old businesses close and new ones open. Only time will tell whether any of these new ones will still be here by December of 2020, or December of 2024, or December of 2029.

By John M. Burt

Picture Credits [All pictures courtesy their respective businesses]