Oregon High Schools Make the Cut

Oops! The print edition of this story left out the ranking placement of the two Oregon schools.

Ratings released this month by the U.S. News and World Report show that two of 2018’s top 100 high schools in the nation are located in Oregon. According to The Oregonian, a list of the top 25 high schools in each state for 2018 was released along with the nationwide report. The U.S. News and World Report regularly ranks schools around the country based on factors like student performance, test results, graduation rates, and readiness of graduating students to attend college.

This year, in first place on Oregon’s list is the Woodburn Academy of Art, Science, and Technology (#24 in the nation, and in second place is the International School of Beaverton (#42 in the nation). Both schools have a graduation rate of over 90% and a similarly high rate of student readiness for college.

Honorable mentions in the report’s top-ranking Oregon high school list include the Corbett School, Beaverton’s School of Science and Technology, and West Linn High.

In 2017, no Oregon schools made the list.

By Kiki Genoa