Slice-Lovers Heaven

Everyone likes pizza, deal with it. But what makes going out for pizza so great? Is it the atmosphere, the restaurant’s philosophy, or simply the fact that there’s cheese, and a lot of it? Lucky for you, we’ve got all the resources you’ll ever need to figure it out.

American Dream: 214 SW 2nd St (downtown) & 2525 NW Monroe Ave (campus)

A local favorite for a reason, they’ve got cheap pizza by the slice or whole pie, along with plenty of beer and cider on tap. Whether you’re looking for a late-night snack or a round of drinks on a Saturday afternoon, American Dream is the place. The campus location features in-house bar Handlebar, while their downtown location has Crowbar, which includes a rooftop extension where folks can post up with a nice view.

Woodstock’s Pizza Parlor: 1045 NW King’s Blvd

This place has a real homemade feel. They emphasize this on their website, which has a virtual tour of how they make all of their pizza from scratch using their own unique process. Woodstock’s menu includes some great specials from $18 to $29, inclusive of patrons with dietary restrictions – vegan sauce and cheese, as well as gluten free crust is available. This multi-faceted establishment also includes Suds & Suds, where beer lovers can enjoy Corvallis’ most extensive tap.

Cirello’s Pizza: 919F NW Circle Blvd

Family-owned and operated with New York Italian roots – a perfect recipe for great authentic pizza. Cirello’s does not disappoint; their fluffy whole-wheat crust and whole milk mozzarella make for the perfect comfort food, and they even offer gluten-free crust. In addition to a daily happy hour, they also have specials, such as a family deal on Sundays that includes a large pizza, soda, and cookie dough for $21.00.

DeMaggio’s New York Pizza: 151 NW Monroe Ave #102

Its prime waterfront location and welcoming feel makes DeMaggio’s a great spot for any occasion, whether it’s a family dinner, first date, or quick solo snack. Single slices run cheap, between $3 and $6. They’ve got specialty house pizzas and calzones along with lots of great Mediterranean salads and appetizers, priding themselves on their traditional thin-crust New York style pizza.

FireWorks Pub & Pizza: 1115 SE 3rd St

Not only does Fireworks offer a long list of amazing wood-fired pizzas, they also have an extensive menu of starters, salads, non-pizza entrée items, and desserts. Not to mention their wine and cocktail menu, or the awesome happy hour offerings. Restaurant-goers looking for something a little more “fancy” should definitely check this place out. Pizza for one tends to run between $14 and $20, but it’s so worth it.

Papa’s Pizza Parlor: 1030 SW 3rd St

With locations all over the state, Papa’s Pizza is an Oregon favorite. They pride themselves on being a family restaurant, and their menu has a diversity of options, from build-your-own-pizzas to kids’ meals and gluten free options. Check out their all-you-can-eat lunch buffet between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. weekdays—it’s only $8.25 a person!

Cibelli’s Pizza: 820 NW 9th Str, unit 101

A native business of Bend, we’re lucky to have a Cibelli’s right here in Corvallis. Pizza eaters can find some great deals at this place, including just $4.00 for a cheese or pepperoni slice and fountain drink, or free cheese sticks with a “giant” 24-inch pizza. On the Cibelli’s website you can find Frank Cibelli’s heartwarming philosophy: “Take care of the people and the people will take care of you.” Right on!

2 Stones Wood Fired Italian Trattoria: 2333 NW Kings Blvd

This unique restaurant uses gourmet ingredients and cooks their pizza using the traditional Italian wood fire technique. The name comes from the specific setup of the restaurant, which includes two different pizza stones; one for making traditional pizzas and one for gluten-free pies. The founders’ own health needs influenced their desire to make delicious gluten-free options, and they most definitely succeeded. Individual pizzas generally cost between $14.00 and $17.00.

By Maria DeHart