Salem Alt Weekly Closes Shop

We are saddened to report that after more than a dozen years publishing, the Salem Weekly is no more. Subscribers learned of the closure in November, after receiving a last issue on October 25.

An idiosyncratic piece of Salem’s alternative scene, the paper wore its progressive origins proudly, often offering deep local reporting that was undeniably thorough. Earlier this year, one of its reporters observed that the conservative-leaning capitol city they served was developing a growing progressive undercurrent. We at The Advocate believe the hardworking Salem Weekly staff quite probably had something do to with that, and we too noticed shifts were starting to happen on the Salem city council. 

The Salem Weekly was also well known for having planted deep roots within their local music community. Some of their former staff have been keeping that piece of their presence alive over social media; a reminder that those of us in the alt game are here because we love what we do.

We have also learned that Salem Weekly reporter Helen Caswell has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. She has a $7,000 insurance deductible, and other expenses. To donate, please visit

By Andy Thompson