The Rogue Cleric Strikes Again

Local enlightened person, group, or possible chosen one continues to damn local bookstore-goers to hell. Browsers Bookstore remains the target spot for spreading the word of Jesus Christ. I know what you’re thinking – a bookstore is the first place I would think to try to convert my community peers, too.

According to the people at Browsers, our holy vigilantes have been coming in for years. Their shenanigans include leaving pamphlets and other Christian reading material in the Eastern Religions section of the store, and warning patrons to choose more wisely when indulging in spiritual reading if they want to spend their eternity in the sky. 

Browsers people said they are constantly cleaning up the after-math of the hidden messages of the “good word.” Warnings and threats inside books about other religions, detailed pamphlets shoved under the front door, it’s all there. 

However, we at The Advocate are all about freedom of speech and freedom of religion, and so is Browsers. This is why they left a sign of retaliation, giving the go-ahead to the faithful philanthropists to rally outside of the store on “soapboxes,” but also letting them know that cleaning up their paper-attacks has become a real pain. 

I really just want to know if their efforts have ever actually worked; has anyone ever read one of these messages, streamlined right for the Christian section, and lived the rest of their days in enlightenment? If someone out there is reading this, and it’s happened to you, or if a silent activist is reading this and achieved their goal, please let me know – I have some questions.

No seriously, contact us at and let us know how and why this worked on you or why you think this will work on someone else.

By Kirstyn Archer