Rando Questionnaire #2: S’plore Yourself

Just like last time, answer these random questions, then share them with us or your friends – or maybe bury them where no one could ever find them. Because secrets can be fun too! Depending.

  1. Describe your relationship with silence.
  2. What should people shut the f*ck up about already?
  3. Who makes you laugh, and who do you make laugh? Write down a memory of something that makes you lol.
  4. What’s one smell or more that sends you back in time? Where do you go?
  5. Who would you want to make a mixtape for and what would be on it?
  6. What constitutes being a hero, in your humble opinion?
  7. What place or culture are you interested in learning (more) about? Google it. Jot down at least three things you discover.
  8. What’s your secret blend of herbs and spices?
  9. Truth or Dare? (choose one, or both! MUAHAHA!)
    1. Truth: What is the most vulnerable part of your body? ___________
    2. Dare: Touch it. Whisper, “I love you-uuu…”
  10. Break your time up into percentages. How much time do you spend on…
    1. Love & Romance:
    2. Sex & Self-pleasure:
    3. Work:
    4. Education:
    5. Bodily Needs & Hygiene:
    6. Recreation:
    7. Being a Steaming Slice of Sh*t:

Post your answers to The Corvallis Advocate facebook page or email them to editor@corvallisadvocate.com.