Pub Fare & Fan Favorites

Looking for the best burgers and microbrews in town? Happy hour or weekly specials? Late night possibilities? According to each of their respective declarations, any of the following Corvallis eateries can fulfill your desire!

Downward Dog: 131 and 126 SW 1st St & 2305 NW Monroe Ave

Two locations being covered here, one downtown on the riverfront, and one on campus. Similar enough menus exist at each location, though specials vary. The campus Pub and Grub has a notable ongoing special of a burger, beer, and bourbon for $15.

Bomb’s Away: 2527 NW Monroe Ave

Located on campus since 1991, Bombs is known for awesome tacos and other southwestern food items. Making use of organic and local ingredients whenever possible, Bombs’ overarching goal is to become ever more sustainable. Thus, there’s some pretty great vegetarian and vegan options that most pubs don’t offer. Additionally, they have drink specials every day of the week, as well as daily happy hours with pitchers and nachos for $15 to $20. Legendary live music and rotating art to gaze upon too.

Angry Beaver Sports Grill: 349 SW 4th St

The Angry Beaver gives folks a place to go to vent their sports-related frustrations, or celebrate in style, with lots of TV’s playing the big games. Throw in Beaver memorabilia, reasonably priced beers, and American fare galore. There’s also an arcade, Trivia Tuesday’s, and a logo that gives many the heebie jeebies.

Clodfelter’s: 1501 NW Monroe Ave

Referred to as Clod’s by most, here is another sports-centric spot with TV’s, a wide-ranging beer selection, nice outdoor seating, and breakfast specials on weekends. The menu includes sandwiches, charbroiled stuff, and a bunch of other meaty things, but also a handful of vegetarian options. Reasonably priced.

Squirrel’s Tavern: 100 SW 2nd St

It’s not Corvallis without Squirrel’s! The beloved spot has been around since 1974, occupying the same eclectically outfitted location downtown all the while. Their to-the-point menu includes burgers, sandwiches, salads, beers, and wine. On the cheap side of things, but cash-only.

Roxy Dawgs: 1425 NW Monroe Ave

A build-your-own condiment hot dog bar, highly enjoyable for carnivores and meat forgoers alike. All dawgs are under six bucks before toppings are added. Located on campus in Corvallis.

Little Lunch Box: 136 SW 2nd St

Come when your munchies require anything from hot dogs, veggie dogs, sandwiches, chili, hash browns, gravy, or 50 cent tacos on Tuesdays. Making it unique is the “Pay it Forward” program, where customers can buy a meal for a friend or complete stranger to have at some point in the future. Homeless individuals have remarked that this place has been incredibly generous to the un-housed community, helping many to make it through the winter.

Upper Deck Sports Bar: 175 SW Twin Oaks Cir

Located on the second floor of the Corvallis Indoor Sports Park, Upper Deck is the meeting place of choice for much of this town’s soccer community, as well as for those residing on the south side of Mary’s River. Food items involve burgers, baskets, and salads. Come for a post (or pre) game beverage, with 32 taps serving beer and cider.

Tom’s Peacock Bar and Grill: 125 SW 1st St

First you were told about a pub and grub option that’s been around since the 90’s and thought “wow that’s pretty neat.” Then you were told about an eatery here since the 70’s and said to yourself ‘that’s one longstanding establishment’. Now, hold onto your horses, because the Peacock has been serving Corvallisites since 1929! When the walls start to sweat at the top of the ‘cock during the wee hours of the night, knowing that date puts everything into perspective. Self-proclaimed best half-pound burger in town and $1.99 breakfast.

Bo & Vine Burger Bar: 110 NW 3rd St

New kid on the block Bo & Vine brings affordable grass fed beef, free range chicken, and veggie burgers to the downtown area. They also specialize in creamy, delicious milkshakes, as well as “piles” of tots or fries with over 20 sauces to choose from. While we’re waiting for their liquor license to arrive, drink from their tap of strictly Jones sodas.

Old World Deli: 341 SW 2nd St

If you’re a fan of bread, brownies, and beer with a German aesthetic, Old World Deli is for you. Old World has killer sandwich specials that are so worth checking out, simply because they’re sandwiches are some of the best in the valley. As a bonus, Oregon Trail Brewery operates under the same roof, thus the taps are always flowing with a delicious rotation of brews.

By Ari Blatt

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