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Update: From the Editor,  February 25, 2018, 12:02 pm

The Corvallis Advocate formally issues an apology to the community in response to the overwhelming negativity caused after our printing and posting an interview with racist bigot Andrew Oswalt.

What was meant to shed light on the insidious thought processes of a deranged mind was instead taken by the public as a free platform on which to espouse these bigoted views.

We believe that the greatest malevolence festers in the dark – in failing to clearly articulate this, we missed the mark. What Oswalt believes implicitly contradicts everything this paper stands for, and we do not know how to begin to apologize for not successfully conveying that.

Unfortunately, the disclaimer that was a sidebar to the piece was not directly posted with it online, so some might have missed our declaration that publishing the interview was “not a unanimous decision” and that “there is nobody at this paper that supports [Oswalt’s] ideas.”

The decision to publish was made, as always, after some careful debate among editorial team members, and long conversations with the staffer who wrote it, offering guidance and instruction. Clearly, the end result was not what it should have been, which is why…

We Could Use Your Help

Not shrinking from our responsibility to have made better decisions in the handling of our Oswalt article, we believe that there is room for critical debate among the community as to how we coalesce, despite the hurtful words and actions of a misled few.

If you are offended, angered, disappointed, or hurt by our decision to print the Oswalt interview, please write us with your thoughts and suggestions as to what we could’ve done better, and what we could do better in the future.

Our goal has always been, and will always be to serve the community to the best of our abilities. With your support, we will continue to strengthen our weaknesses, as we support the community in both its strengths and weaknesses.

It is our hope that some of the public will be able to recognize our original intent and accept this apology for what it is: admittance that we botched an opportunity and let the community down.

We will continue to try to improve with the community’s help, as we will continue supporting all facets of the community, through our mission goals and values. We’re still the paper that can produce deep, intensive work. And when we get knocked down, we get up again.

Thank you for your understanding,

Stevie Beisswanger


The Corvallis Advocate

Here is a link to our sidebar, that was originally published alongside the Oswalt interview:



It would be easy for the sanguine to see Andrew Oswalt’s recall from office last week as presumed, but he does have his defenders, who range from the freedom of speech purists, to the all-out sieg heiler. On the other hand, he represents a growing movement in Oregon, and 10.21 percent of the roughly 5,000 participants voted against his recall. He also received 329 votes on his bid for reelection, as well as several write-ins for other positions within student government.

Now, unless you have been enjoying a Caribbean cruise for some months, you probably already know Oswalt is charged with fixing racist bumper stickers to people’s cars as they were attending a Standing Up for Racial Justice chapter meeting at the South Co-Op last year. The formal charges leveled by John Haroldson’s Benton County District Attorneys’ office: two felony counts of first-degree intimidation, and two counts of third-degree criminal mischief.

Oswalt is also the renter that started displaying a confederate flag in his window at The Pillar last year.

Approaching him in person, he made two things clear: he believes the press has misrepresented his thoughts, and that he “does not like” this newspaper – or many others for that matter. Ultimately, Oswalt agreed to be interviewed by email, and what follows are his responses to questions we and others have posed.

CA: You claim that achieving harmony in a society comprised of different races would be a difficult, but possibly achievable notion. How would you go about achieving this? Or at least, where would you start?

Oswalt: We would first require honesty. Absolute, brutal honesty. The vast majority of Africans are not intellectually suited to life in a modern society or economy. We are even approaching a point of technological development where a majority of Europeans are not qualified to participate in any meaningful way. Until we can honestly discuss problems like this which underpin most of the symptomatic issues we observe in society, there can be no progress.

If we make it that far, I could propose a number of strategies to attempt to reduce strife. We need eugenics programs. Cease subsidizing the reproduction of the least valuable members of a people and start doing the opposite. Stop trying to force unnatural equity in every aspect of society. Stop conflating Europeans and Jews. Address Jewish dominance of our country’s institutions. Acknowledge that it is perfectly natural for a people to prefer members of their own group. 

CA: You claim that separating ourselves based on
race would solve many of the problems we face as a society, how would you go about achieving that? Do you believe that people of African descent would have a claim to any part of this country, seeing as their ancestors were brought here against their will?

Oswalt: Despite the implication, there is no need for genocide, violence, or outright ethnic cleansing in the adoption of ethno-nationalism as policy: citizenship and other rights can be restricted to a nation’s ethnicity, reproductive limitations imposed, and segregated areas under separate governance established. I am by no means suggesting an end to commerce, study-abroad programs, or tourism. Even immigration could plausibly be continued under the previously stated restrictions.

The situation with African-Americans is truly unfortunate. I wish they had never been brought here, but let’s be honest; the descendants of the slaves brought to North America owe this country and its people a tremendous debt and eternal gratitude. Europeans did not invent slavery; they ended it. Europeans did not enslave these peoples; they enslaved and sold each other. Slavery had been, and in some African nations today continues to be, a routine element of human existence. In most cases, Africans who survived the journey to North America lived far better lives than they otherwise would have, even discounting that they had already been enslaved, at least in a material sense. This same uncomfortable reality exists even more starkly today, with their descendants enjoying the fruits of European civilization while now representing a constant burden on society.

I would honestly prefer to put an ocean between us once more, if only because there is now so much bad blood that I cannot envision a different solution. Perhaps formal internal segregation could be tried again, or reservations established, but these options present the same long-term issues that got us where we are today.

CA: What is the intended result of the distribution of ethno-nationalist materials on college campuses and elsewhere?

Oswalt: For me personally, airing my philosophy is intended to restore balance to the university. This institution and most others have become insular echo chambers in stark contrast to their stated values of “tolerance and inclusivity.” Nationally, many fields host a politically skewed faculty on the order of 20:1, and this is in terms of the almost non-existent distinction between the false dichotomy of political parties in this country. Hard truths are ignored, dissenters attacked, and pseudo-science and Marxist philosophy are taught as dogma.

CA: Can you look back at any incident or series of incidents in your life that influenced you to start formulating these opinions? 

Oswalt: My current views are the product of a decade of introspection, observation, and investigation. I had to disentangle my mind from the baseless suppositions drilled into all of our heads since we were children, and then construct a coherent system of beliefs that aligned with reality. There were several pivotal moments and dead-ends along the way, but one of the most consequential was discovering that Israel likely played a leading role in the events of 9-11, and had previously murdered nearly three dozen Americans in the USS Liberty incident. There were also plenty of personal incidents, but I try not to form my opinions based upon anecdotes.

CA: The Oregonian asked if you are a white supremacist?

Oswalt: The facts do not support this position in the current year. The history of the white peoples would certainly suggest such a thing, as I am a firm believer in the laboratory of reality, but today I am really more of a Jewish supremacist, considering my acknowledgement of the Jewish dominance of media, finance, academia, and most other important institutions in modern life.

The equally lengthy and storied histories of East Asia provide an additional counterpoint to the notion of abject white supremacy, but for whatever reason, their countries largely stagnated during the European Renaissance period, leaving them outmatched during and after the Industrial Revolution throughout Europe. That said, those same countries now seem poised to leapfrog us in the near future if nothing is done to change our present trajectories.

CA: Do you care to comment on Jimmy Marr campaigning for you with his truck? 

Oswalt: It was a surprise to me, but I greatly appreciate that he put so much effort into supporting my campaign. I have been largely prevented by the state and judiciary from participating in this election, so it was refreshing to see someone taking action on my behalf.

CA: How would you define the alt-right? Does everyone that you’ve interacted with within this movement subscribe to ethno-nationalism?

Oswalt: The alt-right is a decentralized Internet-based youth movement which advocates for the European peoples. It is the natural response to a world where White men are taught to hate themselves and their ancestors. Within that umbrella, everyone certainly does not subscribe to ethno-nationalism! Beyond the common interest in preserving and advancing our peoples, opinions run the gambit from Jared “Looks Huwhite to me!” Taylor, to James “Race War Now” Mason.

CA: Do you believe the IQ disparity between Blacks and Whites to be genetic, environmental, or a mixture of the two?

Oswalt: Definitely a mixture. It is well established that malnutrition during development can impact lifetime cognitive function, as well as a host of other factors, such as alcohol, lead, or fluoride exposure. It is equally clear that the racial IQ gap persists even among wealthy Blacks in America, most of whom possess disproportionate European admixture. Test results suggest that the wealthiest Blacks still remain slightly below the most impoverished Whites, who are likely suffering from environmental depression of IQ themselves.

Africans as a whole clearly suffer from environmental depression, and African-Americans to a lesser extent. It seems to be a kind of feedback loop in America, where a critical mass of them degrade an area to the point where it begins to harm their own progeny, worsening the future situation even further. 

CA: If you believe environment plays a role, do you believe we could or should enact any societal changes to help remedy this?

Oswalt: I would certainly like to see such suffering alleviated, but this would probably require very authoritarian intervention in Black communities, and I have no personal stake in the well-being of other peoples (i.e. I don’t want to pay for it).

By Jay Sharpe

 Correction: The additional images that ran in the print edition of this story were courtesy of the Pacific Northwest Antifascist Workers Collective.