ODOT’s “Gridlock Grooves”

The Oregon Department of Transportation began a new season of roadwork this summer and are gearing up for another month and a half of construction. The construction, which began on July 13th, will consist of paving and resurfacing ramps and bridges off I-5 and I-84 between now and August 27. It will affect traffic for commuters who must travel through Northern Oregon, including areas like Portland, Salem and Corvallis.

While the thought of roadblocks may send many commuters into a tizzy, there’s a welcome distraction available for those who get jammed up by what ODOT is calling BigFixPdx.

According to Portland’s Willamette Week, ODOT has gone above and beyond Oregonians’ wildest expectations by creating an official Spotify playlist entitled “Gridlock Grooves,” available for the rest of the summer to play free in the car while one is stuck in the midst of endless traffic. Popular songs on the 30-track waiting-in-a-car themed playlist include Road To Nowhere by the Talking Heads, Running on Empty by Jackson Browne, and Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen.

To listen to the playlist, you’ll need to download Spotify and search for “Gridlock Grooves.”

A full report that lists each section of road under construction and the dates and times that different areas will be closed, along with an interactive map, is available at the agency’s website at bigfixpdx.com.

By Kiki Genoa