New & Improved Food on the Block

These past four months have seen a lot of changes in the Corvallis restaurant scene. Among the freshly fresh is a full remodel of a local favorite brewery along with the arrival of a few new places. Now is the perfect time to get out in the spring air and see these changes for yourself. Here is a list of new and improved restaurants that have sprung up around town to help you along the way: 

Cheesy Stuffed Burgers • $
1545 NW Monroe Ave, Corvallis

After months of hard work, the food cart on campus known as Cheesy Stuffed Burgers has added a brick-and-mortar storefront to its series of locations. Positioned in the heart of downtown, the new location opened in late April. The space is bright, cheery, and welcoming. The crew has the art of making burgers down to a science. The menu offers an assortment of handmade, half-pound, cheese-stuffed burgers with grass-fed beef, and fries accompanied by their one-of-a-kind homemade fry sauce. Burgers start at $6.99, and stuffed options are reasonable, at $8.99.

Lupe’s Restaurant and Calavera Bar • $
2047 NW Monroe Ave, Corvallis 

Specializing in Mayan, Central American, and South American Cuisine, Lupe’s Restaurant opened its doors for business in January of 2018. Lupe’s is a welcomed addition to the restaurants around the Oregon State University campus. They offer a full bar with an array of original and traditional cocktails to delight your palate. Lunch menu items include dishes such as “Ceviche Maya” for $7.00. At dinner, one can expect classic table service and dishes such as “Pollo Poblana” for $13.50 and “Gaucho Enrollado” for $17.50.  If you love a real, fresh-squeezed lime margarita, be sure to order “Lupe’s Margarita.” 

The Great Australian Meat Pie Company • $
408 SW Monroe Ave, Corvallis
(Benton Plaza Lobby)

This might be the most unique eatery to open this past year in Corvallis. The Great Australian Meat Pie Company is anything but your typical food cart. They have found a niche market, serving what no one else in the mid-Willamette Valley offers—authentic Australian meat pies. Operating out of the lobby of the Benton Plaza in downtown Corvallis, this indoor food cart also provides a small seating section for paying customers. At the risk of sounding a little too Sweeney Todd, the Great Australian Meat Pie Company is best known for their “Specialty Pies,” which is one meat pie chosen to be featured each month by popular vote. Signature pies such as beef, potato, and cheese sell for $6.75 and the specialty pies cost $8.25. 

Block 15 • $$
300 SW Jefferson Ave, Corvallis

If you have stepped inside of Block 15 lately, you may have wondered if you entered the wrong space. Originally opened in February of 2008, the restaurant closed for two weeks around Spring Break to refresh the look and feel of the downtown pub house. What used to be a homey brewpub with eclectic art on the walls has been transformed into a snazzy bar and eatery with a mod vibe. Every part of the restaurant received an update, including new bar stools, new booths, and new paint on the walls. Stop by for a bite and pint, and check out their shiny new threads.

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By Jennifer Moreland