The Never Ending Struggle for Black Ink

On January 31, The Oregonian newsroom staff were notified that for some it would be their last day of work, as 11 positions had been terminated. Six rounds of cuts have been made since 2010, in accordance with the national trend facing print media today.

Sales generated by printed forms of media have been steadily declining for over 20 years. Unable to compete with cheaper methods of advertisement, and the reality that the print-media generation is falling behind, smaller media outlets across the country are forced to make similar cuts to their workforce. Accessibility has turned younger readers’ attentions to national news rather than local, only contributing to the decline of the industry on a local scale. 

As trusted sources continue to be lost as a result of a changing marketplace, we run the risk of trading quality information for convenience – of obstructing the only access we have to the truth. 

By Randee Justus