Netflix, Game Night Drink Prep: Six One-Stop Shops

Let’s cut straight to the chase: some of us don’t want to be crammed in with all the college and the noise and the bar smells while we prize and guzzle our dranks. We’d rather watch Netflix with no pants, or host an intimate house party or game night. Whatever your reasons for drinking in, here are the places in Corvallis with the best selections:

University Market
1149 NW Van Buren Ave, Corvallis

This place has a pretty incredible beer selection for a corner store. Their spread is so robust that one could easily contract what I call “Bevmo syndrome” while browsing, where one has so many options that choosing becomes more difficult. There are worse maladies to suffer from. They of course have all the Oregony beer that we know and love, but they also have a great selection of imports from Europe and elsewhere. They sell many beers by the bottle, so you can mix and match almost infinitely. They have a selection of taps to fill your growler as well.

Washington Street Liquor
575 SW Washington Ave, Corvallis

This one is sort of obvious, but hear me out. They have liquor. How is that not enough for you? Like many liquor stores in the state, WSL has a great selection of Oregon-made liquors, and they’re all worth a try. Instead of that bottle of Jim Beam, why not spring for some Burnside Bourbon or something from 4 Spirits? Also, I must laud their available parking and rad, light-up liquor sign. Whenever I drive by and see that sign, I think “Oh yeah, liquor exists,” and I smile.

Market of Choice
922 NW Circle Blvd #110, Corvallis

Market of Choice is an upscale grocery store for the discerning shopper, which is basically code for, “it’s  an expensive place for rich people.” This of course also means that it has a very solid beer and wine selection, and they certainly have some uncommon finds. My favorite of these is probably their four-packs of Stiegl Radler, which is more or less half grapefruit juice and half beer, making it perfect for a lazy Saturday morning breakfast.

Fifth Street Growlers
215 SW 5th St, Corvallis

FSG is a great place to score some delicious beer, wine, or kombucha to take home, and it’s also connected to OSU Hero. What better way to mull over what to take home than with a tasty pint and a sandwich? Growler fill stations are a godsend for the simple fact that you can try these delicious liquids before you decide what to buy, and FSG has 36 taps for you to choose from. For beer, 64 ounce growler fills run from roughly $10-$20, mostly priced at the lower end of that spectrum. Growlers of Spindrift Cellars wine from Philomath run from $25-$35. Do the math, and you’ll see that 64 ounces is about two and a half bottles of wine. Do it.

151 NW Monroe Ave, Corvallis

This is the perfect spot for both connoisseurs and us wine-illiterate plebs alike. This carefully curated selection of local, regional, and international wines pairs well with the amazing customer service you’ll be receiving here. Jerry, the owner, is a veritable encyclopedia of wine knowledge, and surely among the friendliest people in town. He’ll set you up with exactly what you need to bring to that dinner party tonight, and if you’re lucky, he might send you off with some grandfatherly wisdom as well. No charge for the latter, but don’t quote me.

Corvallis Brewing Supply
119 SW 4th St, Corvallis

I know, “duh,” right? This place is a Corvallis staple; to anyone not already in the know about CBS, all I have to say is this: come on. Their amazing beer and beer-adjacent beverage selection coupled with their perfect customer service makes CBS a combination slam dunk home run 3000 yard field goal. They have the best selection of Cascade Barrel House sour beers in town, which run for around $22 per 750 mL bottle. If you’re not into sours, fear not, Joel will make sure you walk out with a bottle or five of something you’ll be very satisfied with. Word is that they’ll sell you the stuff required to make your own beer as well. Who would’ve imagined that?

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By Jay Sharpe