The Lord Bizwah Wants to Talk

Image Credit: Santiago Granados and Trevor Knapp

Santiago Granados’ approach to podcasting is fairly straightforward. While some planning goes on, he mostly likes it to be “freeform.” If you happen to be familiar with his work, you’ll already know that this is a winning strategy that makes for some really great listening.

“A lot of the times I will have this recorder going,” Granados told me referring to the small recorder on the table between us, “I’ll just set it down and we forget about it. We just start smoking bowls and drinking beers. And before you know it, we’re bullshitting and that’s the show.”

The name of Granados’ podcast, which he hosts with Joel Hatton, “The Irrelevant Podcast” fits that mold, too.

“I called it ‘The Irrelevant Podcast’ because I didn’t want to pigeonhole myself. I wanted to be able to go into anything I want. Whether it’s relevant or irrelevant didn’t matter to me because it’s irrelevant to the show.”

Granados got into podcasts through a friend who was listening to Neil deGrasse Tyson’s “Star Talk.” What got Granados’ attention more than the science were the discussions of cultural issues.

After a few episodes, Granados got bored with “Star Talk,” and looked for something more with his interests. He found Keven Smith’s “Hollywood Babble-On.” Smith is Granados’ favorite filmmaker, not so much for his films themselves, but for his humor and drive as an independent filmmaker.

“The more and more I listened to him the more he said, ‘Go out and make a podcast and see what happens,’” Granados said about listening to Smith, “And I was just like, ‘Well, why not?’ and started doing it.”

But doing a podcast is just the first step in Granados’ larger project: making an independent film telling the story of how he and his wife got together while working in fast food.

“There’s always the reluctant couple,” Granados said about the story, “but basing it around fast food, I think, will be fun. Showing the culture of working fast food and showing the dynamic that happens between employees.”

“There’s all sorts of shit up here and the podcast is just the convenient and fun way to get it out and eventually if I can’t get it all to pan out this way, then I’ll just adapt and go another direction.”

While Granados – a Corvallis native and product of Crescent Valley – has larger goals in mind for doing his podcast, he doesn’t let that affect how he presents himself. He first and foremost wants to be true to himself.

“I’m not concerned with being your mom and pop’s podcast. I’m not worried about offending people. I know I’m going to. Even if I was trying to not offend people, eventually I would offend somebody. Part of being in entertainment is being like, ‘If you don’t like it, then don’t listen. Just carry on with your life.’”

At the core of the podcast is Granados’ love of stories, stories of all kinds and from all different perspectives. In its short life, “The Irrelevant Podcast” has shared the stories of Granados’ friends of different genders, sexual orientation, and race.

“I want to go for diversity. I want to give everybody a chance to have a voice in it, because… why not? I love stories from anybody, anybody. Everyone’s got a story.”

The next step for “The Irrelevant Podcast” is having more artists on, especially musicians. Granados has been talking with local DJs who may come on when they finish their next album. After already doing a live show, Granados imagines a two-hour show, with the first half just talking with the band, getting their story, and following that with an hour of them performing.

Then there’s Lord Bizwah, something that Granados started at lunch one day in middle school.

“I walked up to the table of friends that I had and I was like ‘Word of the day is bizwah.’ And they were like, ‘Well, what does it mean?’ And I was like, ‘I don’t care. Just use it.’ They were like, ‘Ok, so is it a verb or a noun.’ I was like, ‘It doesn’t matter. Just use it. Like “I’m lord Bizwah, bizwah.”’ It lasted a day and then for some reason, the Lord Bizwah thing just stuck with me and became my internet handle and I’ve kind of just stuck with it.”

By Andy Hahn


CORRECTION STATEMENT: This story’s original post misspelled the name ‘Granados.’ It has since been corrected.