Local Bar Trivia Nights!

Two of my favorite activities are showing off my random, useless knowledge and drinking. Luckily, Corvallis and Albany have a wealth of trivia nights where myself and other like-minded individuals can combine our passions. Drawing on several weeks of field research, I have created a list of alcohol-friendly trivia nights around town.

Tuesday Trivia

Southpaws Pizza
560 NW Hickory St, Albany

At 7 p.m. each Tuesday, Southpaws features What Do You Know Trivia, hosted by Charley Davis. There are seven rounds with ten questions each. Teams can have up to ten people, so bring a good-sized group if you wish. One rule that’s a little different for trivia veterans is that teams can choose the round they wish to receive bonus points in before the trivia begins, based on the round themes. The top three teams receive gift certificates to Southpaws, to help cover their pizza and beer. 

Angry Beaver Sports Grill
349 SW 4th St, Corvallis

Trivia night starts at 8 p.m. and is hosted by What Do You Know Trivia as well, meaning all rules are the same. The Angry Beaver usually has around eight to ten teams. Patrons have the luxury of watching sports while playing trivia, but remember, multitasking is hard. 

Wednesday Trivia

Southpaws Pizza… Again
Southpaws has another trivia night every Wednesday at 7 p.m. It is an independent night, hosted by local teacher Erik Ihde. They average about 10-12 teams during the school year, and around six to eight in nicer weather. There are eight rounds with eight questions each, except for the music round, which has 10 possible answers. What makes this trivia night unique is that there are no limits on team size, so this is definitely the night to go if your crew is deeper than Wu Tang. 

Growler Garage
229 SW 3rd Ave, Albany

On Wednesday nights at 6 p.m., join Mr. Bill’s Traveling Trivia Show. Enjoy the treat that is host Bill Klein asking trivia questions while dressed in a tuxedo. There are usually about ten teams, with no limit to team size. The Growler Garage fills up regularly for trivia night, so I recommend getting there early.

Flat Tail Brewing
202 SW 1st St, Corvallis

Wednesday nights are when trivia gets serious in Corvallis, so bring your A Game if you want to win, at Flat Tail, at 8 p.m. Geeks Who Drink hosts an eight round, eight question night that regularly sees 15 to 20 teams. Geeks Who Drink rules are a little different: there are only six people allowed per team, and teams can choose to double their points in any one round after they have answered.

Buffalo Wild Wings
1820 NW 9th St, Corvallis

The proverbial “B-Doubs” offers a popular trivia night on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. It is hosted by What Do You Know Trivia, so the rules are the same as the other nights. According to host Zach Pendergrass, there are usually around 12 or 13 teams.

Thursday Trivia

Front Street Bar and Grill
2300 NE Front Ave, Albany

Trivia starts at 7 p.m. and is hosted by What Do You Know Trivia. One thing I noticed was that the crowd was definitely older at Front Street, so if there’s a category about Fidget Spinners or Justin Beiber, or whatever kids are into these days, you can definitely clean up. However, don’t underestimate these players, because with age comes wisdom, as I found out personally. There are around seven teams on average, according to host Lori Van Orden. 

Greenberry Story & Tavern
29974 OR-99W, Corvallis

Trivia starts at 6 p.m every other Thursday. It is hosted by What Do You Know Trivia as well, but the difference is that these nights have prizes. While almost all the other locations give away gift certificates, at the Greenberry Tavern, you win schwag. As a member of the winning team, I walked away with a shot glass and a bottle opener. 

It was a memorable few weeks of trivia and drinking in Corvallis and Albany for me. I would like to quote my high school chemistry teacher in wishing you all “Good Skill” in your trivia pursuits.

By Jonah Anderson