Linn-Benton Backwash

Fun times in Corvallis as nearly a dozen dudes were picked up after they responded to a fake prostitution ad online (supplied by the Benton County Sheriff’s Office) and showed up at a local hotel looking for a good time. All face a possible year-long stay in jail, but worse is probably having to deal with friends and family who just saw their names flung all over the regional media. Well, John Jerry De Jong likely doesn’t care all that much, because he’s 70 and will probably die sooner or later. But either way, I suppose that’s what you get when you think it’s a good idea to hand your money over to criminals who are severely abusing women. You dipsh*ts.

Benton County Sheriffs have justified ye olde bait and switch by noting that prostitution is a big problem in the area, explaining that hundreds of people have responded to their rigged ads since the beginning of the year. This one in particular saw 70 responses, with then 10 men above being the only ones desperate enough to show up. How many actual ads there are, as opposed to the Sheriff’s editions, is anyone’s guess. Looks like all of the gross slimeballs out there will have to just get OKCupid accounts instead. Anyone else see their “DTF” ads on the Portland buses? Ew.

Let’s see, what else… a drug den was busted by SWAT in Sweet Home, and a guy from Salem attempted to kidnap a woman in Lebanon. Back in Corvallis, two people were separately busted for heroin possession. So, that’s cool.

The only good news I could find this week was about some kind of sports thing, and now I’m too depressed to pretend to care.

By Johnny Beaver