Linn-Benton Backwash

Kent Hill, an ex-mental health manager for the Benton County Health Department with decades of experience as a therapist, was just slapdoodled with a $5,000+ fine and two and a half years in prison (with three years of supervision after the fact) in relation to possession of child pornography. I’d say he got off easy as f*ck, considering he was hit with 11 counts that could have resulted in a maximum 110 years in the slammer. Ironically, his lawyer pitched a fit over the fact that he won’t be able to get the treatment he needs in jail. Clearly this didn’t go over well, despite being totally true. People with mental disorders have long been screwed, and along with them the taxpayers, by way of being assigned to an institution ill-equipped to offer any real rehabilitation. Oregon has zero, zilch, zippo, etc. programs in prisons to work with sex abusers. That said, the content found when investigators cracked down is reportedly so disgusting that I don’t feel much like giving a sh*t at the moment. I suppose I’m not a decent enough person to get too objective on the greater implications of the way the system works.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only child-related blemish on Corvallis’ report card from last week. Steven Cartajena was arrested for choking a woman and injuring two of her children. He grabbed the woman’s daughter hard enough on the arm to leave bruises, and also left marks on her son after roughly spanking him. According to reports, this all started when the boy kicked Cartajena in the junk. He has plead not guilty, but if he is, I hope that nut shot hurt.

Over in Lebanon the new Strawberry Plaza had some awesome artwork unveiled last week, including a piece by the truly wonderful, Rachel Urista. It really is a beautiful spot in the growing awesomeness of downtown Lebanon. However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t cringe a little in remembrance of the old mural that was obliterated when the plaza was revamped. Sure, it was decrepit, but I grew up with it. It was my friend. Still, you should get out there and take a look, maybe visit some businesses. Just try not to look directly at the goofy totem pole. I think everything that needed to be said about that thing was done in an edition of Backwash back in June 2016;

 By Johnny Beaver