Give-a-Thon Review

Left to right: Editor-in-Chief Stevie Beisswanger, Mayor Biff Traber, Corvallis Public Schools Board Chair Vince Adams, and homeless advocate Riley Doraine

Emcee badass Vince Adams kept it light and bright ushering some holiday cheer at The Advocate’s first Give-a-Thon, and the newspaper and others did raise some funds. Keynote speakers included Mayor Biff Traber, his former mayoral opponent Riley Doraine, Advocate Editor-in-Chief Stevie Beisswanger, and of course, Adams himself, who also serves as Corvallis’ School Board Chair.

Thirteen area charities seeking donors and volunteers were represented at the fundraiser. Traber noted these and many other groups do work City government often cannot, and encouraged attendees to donate and volunteer. Doraine outlined her Corvallis journey from homelessness to mayoral candidate. Adams noted the sheer variety of charities at the event, and advocated for supporting this paper’s alternative voice. Beisswanger expressed gratitude for the community benefit the organizations attending the event offer, and revealed how challenging our own budget is at the paper.

Two area artists donated paintings for the auction portion of the evening: Matthew Nelson of Popsart, and The Advocate’s own Johnny Beaver. Advocate EIC, Stevie Beisswanger, who also sells her own handmade dreamcatchers when not working her other 60 to 70 hours a week around here, also donated for the auction.

Local businesses donated generously: bottles from Corvallis Brewing Supply and 4 Spirits Distillery were among the most sought after auction items, along with the aforementioned art. Bursts Chocolates and the Darkside Cinema figured prominently in both the auction and raffle portions of the evening. Castor, Cardv, High Quality Compassion, Game Time Sports Bar and Grill, and Heartland Humane Society also donated.

Notably, it was also announced the downtown location of Downward Dog would donate 15 percent of their weekday lunch proceeds over January to K-9 Care-A-Van. Last month, the same restaurant announced they would be donating December proceeds to American Humane Rescue.

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