Dream Wild Questionnaire

Tell us your wildest dreams, and don’t be shy. There’s no such thing as “oversharing,” as far as The Advocate’s concerned.

• What’s been tieing you down lately, and you wish you could cut the strings?

• Write some flash fiction erotica that explicitly reveals your sexual fantasies:

• Describe your dream buffet:

• Where do you wish you were right now?

• Congratulations, you found the gate to [insert fantasyland of your choosing]. What’s on the other side?

• What’s missing in your world, and what are you going to do about it?

• What do you wish you were taught as a child?

• How can you better support the dreams of those closest to you?

• You have magical powers, and can morph into anything imaginable. What will you become:

• Look up the meaning of a dream you’ve had lately:

Post your answers to The Corvallis Advocate facebook page or
email them to editor@corvallisadvocate.com.