Donate Now: Support Homegrown Journalism

We at The Advocate believe that local, homegrown journalism is essential to a progressive community. Our top priority within these pages is and always has been to serve our community, by giving space and vocality to important and undervalued groups and individuals— by spreading awareness and acting as a melting pot for all corners of our local culture to intermingle and inspire one another. 

In order to provide this service, we will continue asking you, our neighbors, for pledges and donations to help sustain independent journalists at The Advocate — journalists who work incredibly hard (while juggling outside jobs and educational pursuits) to deliver such impactful pieces as our recent expose on Oregon hate groups, which outed ties to a Benton County state rep, or an in-depth look at our area’s southern resident orca population facing extinction. Each of these stories received widespread attention and support, and each were motivated by passion. 

The Advocate has offered its pages to countless groups, businesses, and individuals who share our values throughout the years. We’ve given comprehensive coverage to local arts and entertainment, as well as social justice, sustainability, and political movements —  plus so much more. Our writers are self-driven to explore, expose, and uplift deep pockets of our community, without asking for much in return.

Fall Shortfall
We cannot begin to express how happy and relieved we are to have made it through summer. Without the community’s contributions, we simply wouldn’t be here. All dollars we’ve received have gone directly to maintaining current operations, wherein writers pump out weekly content which endeavors to satisfy our community’s standards, for less than minimum wage. 

We aspire to provide a polished and versatile product, however that goal becomes increasingly difficult when we cannot pay our staffers what they deserve. At our current rate, we are anticipating a $6,000 shortfall between now and the end of the year. Without those dollars, current operations would be impossible to sustain, which could mean a loss in jobs, pages, distribution sites, and/or the option of free content. It would mean that we’re still just barely surviving, when to accomplish our goals we’d need to thrive — and in turn, help the community to thrive as well.

How Can You Help

Visit our site, or mail in the form on page 2. Even $5 or $10 can go a long way.

But if you can do more, some of our generous business supporters have incentives for you…

• $25 or more, New Morning Bakery, free coffee, first 50 donors

• $75 or more, Bursts Candies, 1 lb. box of handcrafted chocolates, first 20 donors

• $100 or more, Darkside Cinema, free admission for two, first 20 donors

• $300 or more, Castor, dinner for 2, first 3 donors

• $500 or more, all the above, first 5 donors

From all of us here at The Advocate, thank you!