Dam Right Drag At Majestic

Dam Right Drag Night, also known as DRDN, had been a monthly staple of the local drag community since its inception in January of 2017. What has not been as consistent with DRDN is a venue for all its glitter and glam. The first location was the DAM restaurant and vintage arcade, which was a drag queen dream venue. But then, organizers were blindsided when the Dam unexpectedly closed their doors forever in August of 2017. 

Crowds numbering over three hundred people were attending the event when it was held at the Dam. Finding a new venue that could hold that many, plus a stage for the queens was a daunting task. DRDN did a stint at the Peacock, but the organizers and venue parted ways after the March 2018 show.

Now enter Jimbo Ivy at The Majestic Theater reaching out to DRDN organizer Luke Kawasaki. Ivy says, “Having a drag event at the Majestic and having it be a celebration of Pride hosted by a loving organization like Dam Right Drag Night is a pinnacle for me as a community facilitator, venue runner, ally, and human.” 

Being hosted at the Majestic Theater means a few things will be slightly different for DRDN this time around. For starters, The Majestic only has about 280 seats. The show is expected to sell out, so be sure to get your tickets in advance. Also, it is a theater—not a bar. This will allow, for the first time, people under age 21 to attend, so age 16 and up are now welcome. This does not mean the content of the show will change. Kawasaki says, “A little bit of a drag show is the risqué nature. We don’t want to lose that.” In other words, there will still be adult themes and concepts being portrayed at the show.

Next show struts out June 22 at 9:30 p.m., tickets are $8 each, and the theme is PRIDE Extravaganza! The hostess for the evening will be Luke Kawasaki—aka Lucielle S. Balls. Special guest co-hostess is Miss Dharma Prada. The evening will showcase various Willamette Valley entertainers, including drag performers, poets, and comedians. Everyone is welcome and invited.  

Follow the DRDN on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/corvallisdragnight/.

By Jennifer Moreland