Crème de la Corvallis: Week of August 23

Thursday, Aug 23 

Starker Arts Park Amphitheater, 4485 SW Country Club Dr., Corvallis. Free.

Hillstomp and Adam Larson will be tearing it up free of charge this Thursday, though the event will be graciously accepting donations towards the SAGE Garden, which is trying to grow three tons of food every year for hunger relief organizations around Corvallis. There’ll be local brews on sale, as well as some great food carts. For more info visit,

Abolitionist & Year Of The Fist

Cloud & Kelly’s/ Downward Dog Café. 126 SW 1st St, Corvallis. 8 p.m. $6.

Local punk ( rock meets Oakland punk rock ( meets your face. Er, I don’t have a link for your face. For more info visit,


Friday, Aug 24

Smyth & Brax , The Shifts, and Novacane

Cloud & Kelly’s/ Downward Dog Café

126 SW 1st St, Corvallis. 8:30 PM. $5

On their Spinitch for Breakfast Tour, rappers Smyth & Brax are rolling into town with fellow Eugenian rock acts Novacane ( and The Shifts ( Should be a blast. For more info visit,

Norman Baker. Bombs Away Café, 2527 NW Monroe Ave., Corvallis. 10 PM. $5.

Described as “Barrel-Aged Lumber Rock,” to me Norman Baker just sounds… good. Like, good kinda good. Hear for yourself: And then check out the following site to get all the deets:

Saturday, Aug 25

BCSA Fundraiser

Cloud & Kelly’s/ Downward Dog Café

126 SW 1st St, Corvallis. 9pm. $5+

Come out and support the Benton County Skateboarding Alliance! In return, you’ll be able to feast your ears on live performances from local rock favorites Wups ( and If This, These ( For more info, check out PS: In addition to this awesome show, Midnight Shipwrecks ( will be playing at the skate park earlier in the day at 3pm!

Sunday, Aug 26

Ecstatic Dance with DJ Baron von Spirit

Odd Fellows Hall

223 SW Second St., Corvallis. 10:30am-12:30pm. Sundays.

Want to dance every other Sunday this summer, and then maybe even continuing dancing every week once it cools down in Fall? Then this is your bag. I mean, it’s not a bag, but… you’ll figure it out. For more info visit,

Flynn Creek Circus

Avery Park

1310 SW Avery Park Dr., Corvallis. 4pm. Ticket pricing varies: $11-$12 for children, $22-$27 for general admission, with discounts and VIP seating available.

On their maiden Corvallis voyage, the all-human Flynn Creek Circus rolls up into Avery prak with “international award winning aerialists, acrobats, jugglers and more.” This all ages show sounds awesome, and it is especially exciting to have something like this in town without the accompanied animal abuse. Don’t miss out!!! For more info and tickets visit,

Majestic Reader’s Theatre presents: The Deep Blue Sea

Majestic Theatre

115 SW 2nd St., Corvallis. 7:00 p.m. $10-$12.

You’ll be glad to know that this isn’t that Deep Blue Sea, the 1999 disaster starring stars Saffron Burrows, Thomas Jane, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Rapaport, and rapper LL Cool J. Nope! This is a brilliant play by Terence Rattigan, featuring failed suicide, charming fighter pilots, and uh… love. There’s a bunch of that. Either way, Reader’s Theatre at The Majestic is always a blast. Please, throw your money at them. For tickets visit, For more info visit,

Celtic Session

Cloud & Kelly’s/ Downward Dog Café

126 SW 1st St, Corvallis.Free.

Join in or just enjoy the classic island tunes (that’s Ireland, folks!). ‘Tis the season, I assure you. The season for an afternoon of folk music and grub. For more info, check out

Monday, Aug 27

Food Preservation Series- Pickling Including Fermentation.

Corvallis-Benton County Public Library, 645 NW Monroe Ave., Corvallis. 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. Free.

Our calendar entry gets into a lot more depth, but I wanted to take this opportunity to say “picklin’.” Picklin’. Picklin’ is awesome fun. As my brother taught me, it’s a short fall from brewin’ to picklin’. For more info check that entry I mentioned, or visit, Uh, maybe not. That’s one heck of a link.

Wednesday, Aug 29

Tunes, Brews, and BBQ

Block 15 Brewery & Tap Room

3415 SW Deschutes St., Corvallis. 6pm-8pm. Free.

Block 15 continues its awesome food and music thingamajig that’s been going on every Wedesday for all of July and August, but it looks like this is your last chance! This time around String Theory will be providing the glorious live tunes. For more info visit,

Thursday, Aug 30

A Comedy Open Mic At Downward Dog Café.

Cloud & Kelly’s/ Downward Dog Café.

126 SW 1st St, Corvallis. 8:00 PM. Free.

What do you even say about these at this point? Corvallis kills it in comedy, and the ongoing open mics out of Downward Dog are a big part of that. Come out and enjoy the local talent, or show them who is boss! Event is at 8pm, but you need to sign up early at 7:30pm. For more info visit,


By Sam Campbell