On Craigslist Special: Missed Connections Moves Community

Thanks to SOSTA-FOSTA, Craigslist has destroyed its Personals section, except for “Missed Connections,” which has been transferred to the “Community” section.  There at Community, some people are not letting the end of the Personals slow them down.  Case in point, someone reaches out to a waiter with dreads at Frankies: “Hey man! You were our waiter last night and I have a bet going if you thought my wife was attractive or not…. Would love to hear from you!!!!”

I’m interested that, even though there were about as many women as men posting “Missed Connections” back when Craigslist had a full-blown Personals section (and the Missed Connections posted by women tended much more to the wistful and poetic), almost all of the “Community” Missed Connections are from men, writing hopefully to women or to men. Huh.

One poster at Missed Connections even posted a mournful message to Casual Encounters itself (under the name “C.N. Counters”):

“Oh C. You were with us through thick and thin. Maybe sometimes you were infested with bots or guys who didn’t know the meaning of men seeking women but all and all you were some very good times together. Sure. There were some sketchy places, the occasional tweaker, and walking out before we caught anything transmittable, but you were also my first group action and several other hot experiences with loving couples who wanted a something extra.

“This man will miss you. Thanks Congress. :-/”

Elsewhere in the Community section, someone is looking for photos of the Cottonwood Dance Hall that used to stand between Albany and Lebanon. Apparently, there aren’t very many online. Can anyone help a neighbor out?

If you want to be prepared for an emergency, and let’s be real, there are all manner of emergencies that could happen, joining the #CorvallisPreppers Kik group might help: kik.me/g/JJWyzYZspividhzZXY5b2K0oiiU, or, it might not. Who knows?

You might have more fun joining the Kik #albanyoregoncouples. That’s a distinct possibility.  They say you sell them you saw them on Craigslist…Well, you did, at one remove.

Oh, by the way: if you’re single and have Herpes Simplex Virus 2, there’s someone interested in starting a support group. Not much info, but not a bad idea.

By John M Burt