On Craigslist: March 18, 2018

In the “Strictly Platonic M4W,” there’s a man who is looking for a “Sexy Domme Type” to turn him into a “submissive sissy in women’s underwear” – which isn’t sex as most people define it, but still doesn’t really quite count as a “platonic” relationship as most people would define it.

Another “Strictly Platonic M4W” announces that he “Busco Una Amigo” for Spanish-language conversation, in person or by chat, to develop his skills, which you may be able to tell from his header that he’s in need of.

In “Miscellaneous Romance,” there’s a middle-aged couple looking for a man or a couple for a polyamorous dating relationship.  One indication of what sort of people they’re looking for is that they specify: “don’t tell me…you have the biggest thing on Earth, that only speaks of men’s insecurity”.  True dat!

In “Missed Connections,” a woman tells of a passing encounter with a man at a grocery store.  She says she has advertised hoping to find this man before, but respondents were unable to identify the shoes she was wearing.  Lady, you should know by now that most men don’t pay much attention to shoes.

In “Casual Encounters,” a 24-year-old man is holding out his V-card for a woman to take.  He promises that he isn’t “ugly or super overweight…just introverted by nature and not a lot of opportunities come up.”  Wow, he sounds a lot like me (it only took me until age 18 to break that logjam, but it still felt like forever).

In the “General” section, an unemployed man looking for some money to support his children lists all the ways he has tried to find work or otherwise acquire some income and then says, “Im desperate so Im goin to allow people to beat me (fists only) for cash. Make an offer, goin to off myself at the end of the year if I dont have a job anyway.” That fills me with hope.

By John M. Burt