Corvallis’ Sweet Tooth

Most of us develop a love of sweets at a young age, and it never leaves us – despite our efforts. This Fall, why not throw caution to the wind and embrace the love of the decedent?

New Morning Bakery: 219 SW 2nd St

This city staple has a wide variety of baked goods, from classic cookies, cakes, and cupcakes to fudge nut or peanut butter bars, strawberry cheesecake or lemon squares, shortbread cookies, eclairs and cream puffs, and an ever-supply of gluten free items… you get the picture. Not only delicious, these treats are affordable, in the $1 to $5 range.

Burst’s Candies: 353 SW Madison Ave

Serving Corvallis since 1938, Burst’s is sure to satisfy your inner child pining for the days of old mom and pop candy shops, where pocketfuls of loose change were rewarded with gourmet chocolates and candies. Truffles, nut caramel clusters, caramels, and cream-filled chocolates are all made in-house. Seasonal delicacies include chocolate turkeys and Santas, peppermint bark, heart shaped boxes, and chocolate Easter eggs. Bring a buck or two for individual assortments, or spend up to $48 for a 24 pack of gourmet chocolates.

Le Patissier: 956 NW Circle Blvd

Three words: gourmet French pastries. If your immediate response was to drool, get moving to Le Patissier, where chocolate, almond paste, and almond cream croissants await you. Also on the menu: Chocolate Charlotte cake, sponge cake with ladyfingers and chocolate mousse, raspberry cake with white chocolate, and more. Sweet crepes are available on weekends, and single item prices average to $4 or more.

Francesco’s Gelato: 208 SW 2nd St

Francesco’s is home to a delicious variety of Italian-style gelato, which contains less air and more flavoring than other ice creams. From staples like vanilla and chocolate, to fruit and coffee, Francesco’s satisfies. Bring between $4 to $6, and enjoy extended menu items such as Italian sodas and blended lattes, mochas, and chais.

Death by Donutz: 1425 NW Monroe Ave G

Death by Donutz offers fun and wacky infusions of flavor and donut decor. Daily and special menu items include cookie dough, bacon maple, Oreo, Fruity Pebbles, cherry cheesecake, crunchy chocolate stout, Nutella, and so much more. There are gluten-free options, with donuts typically costing between $1 and $3 (deals at the half dozen and dozen count).

Sam’s Station: 1210 NW 29th St

If you’re a sweets person when it comes to breakfast, look no further than Sam’s Station, where there are big gooey-ooey baked goods galore. Besides their menu of savory plates, they have ready-to-go options like cinnamon rolls and muffins the size of your face. Worth every penny.

Taylor Street Ovens: 1025 NW 9th St C

This not-for-profit bakery (and deli) serves up cakes, pies, cookies, bars, and breakfast and brunch items each week, with single item prices between $1 and $3, and baked goods by the quarter or half sheet between $30 and $73. Customers rave over their cookies and pies, as well as their reputable customer service.

Alpine Sourdough Bakery: 220 NW 1st St

Alpine Sourdough Bakery is a hidden gem of Corvallis, tucked beside the Riverview Mongolian Grill on 1st St. Open only three days a week, Alpine has been baking delicious breads for over 30 years. The bakery includes a humble display of homemade desserts and artisan loaves, generally under $10.

Mamalou Bakeshop:

A unique delivery-based bakery serving Corvallis and the surrounding areas with a weekly rotating menu of sweet and savory homemade pastries. In just a few clicks, Corvallisites can wait as little as two days for their bundles of sweets to arrive. Current menu items include pumpkin cinnamon rolls, peanut butter chocolate pinwheels, brownies, and cookies, priced at $10 per package of 4 or 6.

By Jonah Anderson

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