Corvallis’ New Rent-by-the-Hour Photography Studio

Tanis Justice is still setting up Studio 333 in the basement of Madison Plaza, where he’s taking test shots and planning for his grand opening during the Corvallis Arts Walk on January 18. Studio 333 is special in that photographers and people interested in photography will be able to rent the space on an hourly basis.

“We’re going to hang track lighting, and the walls are getting painted white,” Justice explains, pointing to installed light stands, his digital camera, and editing computer.

Patrons with personal cameras can rent the studio space and use the lights for just $25 an hour.  For those wishing to use one of Justice’s cameras or his computer for editing, prices may range up to $75 – a decent cost for some prime photography time. Justice intends to eventually have props available for use as well.

Besides his “Photos by the Hour” plan, Justice is interested in finding other inventive ways to promote and develop his business.  

He points through the glass door of his studio across the hall to the Dial “H” for Hair salon. “The girls have a deal for people to get their hair done the day they’re getting their portraits taken here.  I’m trying to work out deals for other people in the building, too.”  

He plans to propose similar arrangements to other Madison Plaza tenants.

Justice has been a professional photographer since 1987, beginning when he was in high school.  “I started out shooting for our yearbook, and by the end of the year I was taking photos for the local newspapers.”  

Since then, he has published photography collections of natural landscapes and city streets, as well as books of poetry and advice. He has also worked as a life coach and a web developer – a true Jack-of-all-trades kinda guy. We offer Tanis Justice and Studio 333 a warm welcome, and we’re excited to see what he does next.

If you want to know more, visit Justice’s websites, and

By John M. Burt