Corvallis Joins Nationwide Protest

#ProtectMueller Protests Erupt Across Nation

This evening, over 100 Corvallis citizens joined thousands nationwide taking to the streets in protest of President Trump’s appointment of Matthew Whittaker. As acting attorney general, Whitaker, who has publicly criticized special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, now has power over it. While massive protests and marches erupting in New York, D.C., and Chicago have occupied national news, many smaller events have been taking place in cities like Salem and Corvallis.

Activist network “Nobody is Above the Law,” in partnership with, conceived of this nationwide protest months ago in anticipation of a an attempt by President Trump to undermine the investigation. After Wednesday’s Department of Justice shakeup, the protests were activated. According to the group, “Donald Trump has installed a crony to oversee the Trump-Russia investigation, crossing a red line said to protect the investigation.”

While protesters assert that the President is not above the law, Whittaker and Trump himself have both publicly expressed otherwise. In a 2017 interview on “The David Webb Show,” Whitaker argued that Trump could end any federal investigation without obstructing justice due to his executive powers. In June 2018, the president tweeted that he has the absolute right to pardon himself of crimes.

The #protectMueller hashtag trended on Twitter as the mass gatherings took place.

Corvallis protesters peacefully assembled carrying signs reading “protect Mueller now,” “45 out,” and “this is a moral emergency,” among others. The group broke into cheers for every honk of support they received from passing cars on Fourth Street.

By Jay Sharpe