Corvallis Hosts Punk Rock Festival, May 11-13

20 punk bands—from Corvallis, throughout the PNW, and beyond—will be playing at the Corvallis DIY’s first ever Sinking City Pop Fest on May 11-13. 

The event will take place at Interzone, Nearly Normal’s, Mudville Stadium, and Chintimini Community Center. And profits will benefit the Rural Organizing Project, an Oregon-based, grassroots organization that promotes radical organizing and social justice in rural communities.

Festival organizers and Corvallis DIY-ers Indiana Laub and Caitlin Garets started envisioning SSPF last summer after throwing some particularly successful shows. 

“We wanted to have a project to put a lot of work into, and we wanted an excuse to bring a lot of bands that we like to town at the same time and make it ridiculous,” said Laub.

The decision to benefit the Rural Organizing Project originated from Corvallis DIY and the ROP’s shared commitment of empowering marginalized communities. 

“We wanted to find a nonprofit that was doing work related to the people in our community and ROP stood out as an organization that shared our values,” explained Garets. “They have a really multifaceted approach to progressive activism, where they provide organizing tools and resources to different activist groups around Oregon, which means that all of their work is specifically tailored to the needs of the community.”

SSPF will predominantly feature Willamette Valley bands, as well as acts from Portland, Olympia, Seattle, Oakland, and Berlin, Germany. 

Weekend passes are $20 and can be purchased at Bullfrog Music or here: Full schedule and lineups can be viewed here:

Corvallis DIY shows are all ages, and are drug and alcohol free so be cool okay.

 By Jay Sharpe