Corvallis High’s Solar Trendsetters

Corvallis High School’s gym roof is about to get a clean energy makeover that will not only look all futuristicy, but will also save the entire school district money. If that’s not cool enough, just wait ’till you hear how the Corvallis School District is the first in Oregon to participate in this community solar model.

The Oregon Clean Power Cooperative has developed the community solar model with the aim of encouraging more renewable energy by allowing residents to help fund these projects – you know, take ownership and whatnot. Once a system is in place, investors will be paid back over time. 

For this project, funding has been provided by the community, Energy Trust of Oregon, and BE Solar, a division of Benton Electric, who will be installing the solar system. The system is projected to save the school district nearly $317,000 over 25 years. It has been said to be comparable to planting 93 acres of trees, or reducing the miles driven by cars by 236,000 miles each year. Wow.

What is the best news, you may wonder? That’s easy, it’s the fact that it’s not too late to donate. The Oregon Clean Power Coop is still accepting donations for the CHS solar project – donations will be used for installation costs. Investors will be repaid over the next 10 years.

If you like renewable energy, supporting the community, and making kids smile – and these kids are absolutely pumped to get this project underway – then the Clean Power Coop’s CHS project is right up your alley. Either way, be proud to be part of such a trend setting school district, and keep an eye out for the new panels as early as April.

Details on investing in the project can be found at

By Anthony Vitale