Corvallis & Down-dog Cafe Part Ways

If you’ve grieved over the recent closure of Corvallis nightlife staple, The Downward Dog Cafe (formerly Cloud and Kelly’s), you may be concerned over the status of such beloved events like the monthly Rainbow in the Clouds LGBTQ+ dance parties, comedy improv nights, Poetry Open Mic Nights, Storytelling nights, and not to mention the unbeatable line-up of local musicians and DJs. Well, fear not my friends! While the once cozy eatery is no more, the events are here to stay. In fact, they’re only moving right next door, to DeMaggio’s Pizza. DeMaggio’s and the former D-Dog Cafe share owner Cloud Davidson, as well as Bombs Away Cafe and both the campus and downtown Downward Dogs.

Change is hard — even I was dubious of the move until I gave it a go. With a small dance floor in front of the stage and ample seating that surrounds, the space can accommodate a great array of events. The seating is perfect for Improv nights, Poetry Open Mic nights, and Storytelling nights, where patrons will want plenty of room to sit and listen. For the more boisterous events, the tables and chairs can be cleared to accommodate larger crowds and to top it off, sound engineer Steve Hunter has done a great job so far mastering acoustics in the room. As for the bar, it’s conveniently placed in the opposite corner from the stage, making drink orders no cause for an interruption.

By Stevie Beisswanger