Corvallis DIY: Hecktacular Halloween

Are you a music and/or fun enthusiast looking for the best party on Halloween weekend? Let’s all hail Satan because we’ve figured it out for you. Corvallis DIY is hosting what is sure to be one hell of a show at Interzone on Saturday, Oct. 27, 7 p.m.

The Halloween cover show is one of Corvallis DIY’s flagship events, and the premise is this: Local bands dress up as famous groups throughout history, and play cover sets of their songs. This is the third year that Corvallis DIY has hosted this event, and the lineup includes Dreamt dressing up as Mitski, Sadgasm playing The Killers, Dumb Luck channeling Halloween essentials The Misfits, Hyperreality as LINKIN F*CKING PARK, and The Shifts emulating Nirvana.

Caitlin Garets of Dumb Luck will be playing the part of Glenn Danzig, and shared with us some of her methods for getting into character.

“So far I’ve mostly focused on the aesthetic. Like I dyed my hair black and bought that demon skull belt buckle that he wears,” explained Garets, “but for my performance, I’m planning on channeling his unique brand of fragile, self-important masculinity. Anyone with more than a passing familiarity with the Misfits knows that Danzig is an immature, bigoted as*hole with a superiority complex, so making fun of him feels like the right thing to do.”

“Before the show, we’ll be hanging out in a cemetery and doing Justin and Maria’s corpse paint to get into the right headspace,” she continued, “Unfortunately, since Indiana and I are also running the show I don’t think there will be time for any grave-robbing, but there’s always next year.” 

In classic Corvallis DIY fashion, this show is free and for all ages. On Saturday night, throw on that homemade Teen Wolf costume and go have some fun while supporting your local underground music scene. Don’t forget to dance and buy merch!

By Jay Sharpe