Corvallis Arts Walk, Nov 15

From Phillip March Jones’ workbooks.

It’s November, and in its current incarnation, this monthly Arts Walk reminder is becoming difficult to write. There’s just too much going on to fit into this little space. Over the last handful of years, this art community has really pulled it together, and while everything is surely not going to be for you, there is undoubtedly something that will be. 

Standing out from the pack this month is Phillip March Jones at CEI ArtWorks with his WORKBOOKS exhibit – a selection from the working notebooks this artist has kept for the last fifteen years. A tireless advocate for outsider art, especially in the south, Jones is the founder of collaborative project Institute 193(1B) and has been invited to curate the upcoming Atlanta Biennial. This is kind of a big deal (see: understatement), and the bits and bobs of the workbooks I’ve seen so far look great.

Next up I’d check out Reynolds Gallery just down the street, as they’re having a group show with local artists who have all attended the gorgeous Playa residency at Summer Lake. Michael Boonstra, Andy Myers, Dana Reason, and Paris Myers all contribute. It’s also convenient that all of these artists are associated with Oregon State University (the former three being faculty) because now I can mention Natalie Krick’s Natural Deceptions show at OSU’s Fairbanks Gallery, which consists of some really beautiful photographs that address the nature of sexuality in our culture. See how fluid that was?

The encaustics show at Rhizosphere has also caught my eye, as has the nautical-themed Courtney Marchesi show at the Voices gallery, and the ongoing series of great exhibitions at the pop-up Joan Truckenbrod gallery. 

The CAW generally runs from 4 – 8 p.m. but some venues keep their own hours. For additional details, descriptions, and info visit 

• The Arts Center, 700 SW Madison Avenue 

• Art in the Valley Gallery, 209 SW Second St. 

• CEI ArtWorks Gallery, 408 SW Monroe St. 

• Cyrano’s Bookbinding, 361 SW Second and Adams

• OSU Fairbanks Gallery of Art, 220 SW 26th St.

• Fred Amos Art Studio, 340 SW Second St. Suite #12

• The Hold Studio, 425 SW Fourth St., Suite E-2

• Jagged Touch Studio, 340 SW Second St., Studio #11

• Jeff Hess Studio, 460 SW Madison Ave., Suite #16

• Joan Truckenbrod Gallery, 517 SW Second St.

• Peak Sports, 207 NW Second St. 

• Pegasus Gallery, 341 SW Second St. 

• Plant Posse/Brittney West Studio, 340 SW Second St. Suite #3

• Pops Art Studio, 425 SW Madison Ave.

• Reynolds Gallery, 225 SW SW Fourth St. 

• Rhizosphere Studios, 230 SW Third St.

• Teal Co-operative Gallery, 139 SW Third St.

• Studio 204, Crees Building, 230 SW Third St. #204

• Voices Gallery, 301 SW Fourth St., Suite #160


By Johnny Beaver