Corvallis Arts Walk, May 17

“Mia, Ori, The Woods” by Evan Baden. Can be seen at the Reynolds Gallery show!

May’s Art Walk has some awesome stuff in store, not the least of which are a few soon-to-be-favorite art spots: Rhizosphere Studios, which is run by Hunter Heller and Rhonda Thompson, and a new gallery in Reynolds Law Firm, which is being run by Paris Myers. The latter is featuring an allstar group show with Evan Baden, Melody Owen, Michael Gamble, and Joan Truckenbroad, while the former has a whole bunch of stuff going on all month, starting with a materials workshop. I know the folks involved here, and they’re all wonderful artists. You’d be doing yourself a favor to check them out early and often. Be a part of the tradition of some new spaces!

Other notable exhibitions this month include the “Ghost and Empty Shapes” show at CEI ArtWorks, some really wonderful pieces from Victor Maldonado, Stephanie Simek, and Jonah Susskind at Fairbanks Hall, and Pegasus Gallery’s 15th annual art and poetry exhibit. The youth show at The Arts Center looks really promising as well.

There’s really a lot going on, and there’s bound to be something you’ll be into most places, so make a night of it!

The CAW traditionally runs from 4 to 8 p.m., but not all venues follow the standard. For more information, extended descriptions, and more please visit

• The Arts Center, 700 SW Madison Avenue

• Art in the Valley, 209 SW 2nd Street

• Brittney West Studio, 340 SW 2nd Street, Studio 3

• CEI ArtWorks Gallery, 408 SW Monroe Avenue, Suite 110

Corvallis Multicultural Literacy Center, 128 SW 9th St.

• Courtney Marchesi Art, 1425 NW Monroe Ave.

• Cyrano’s Book Bindery & Art Supply, 361 SW Adams Ave

• Darkside Cinema, 215 SW 4th St.

• Fairbanks Gallery, 220 SW 26th Street

• Fred Amos Art Studio, 340 SW 2nd St. Studio #12

• The Hold, 425 SW 4th St., Suite E-2

• Jagged Touch Studio, 340 SW 2nd St. #11

• Jeff Hess Studio, 460 SW Madison Ave, Ste 16

• Karen Wysopal, 230 SW 3rd St. #310

• OSU Woodshop Projects (basement level of Fairbanks Gallery)

• Pegasus Gallery, 341 SW 2nd Street

• Pops Art Studio, 425 SW Madison Avenue, Suite P1

• Reynolds Gallery@Reynolds Law Firm, 225 SW 4th St

• Rhizosphere Studios, 230 SW 3rd St,

• Studio Beatrice, 230 NW 6th St.

• Voices Gallery, 301 SW 4th Street, Suite 160


By Johnny Beaver