Corvallis Arts Walk, July 19

CORRECTION: At the time of publication, this article stated that Erica Graves would be exhibiting at Reynold’s Gallery, when in fact it was Anna Fidler.

One of the things I enjoy most about the CAW is that each month you lose a few spaces, but you also gain a few. The path changes, the environment changes, and the kind of art you get access to changes along with it. This month is no exception, but as per usual there’s a lot to see.

Highlights include an OSU faculty exhibit at Fairbanks Gallery, and while I haven’t got my eyes on what will be up yet, I can promise you it’ll be worth the trip out to campus. Along those lines, we’ve also got OSU fine arts graduate Anna Fidler, who will be showing a collection of prints at the semi-freshly-minted Reynold’s Gallery, which has hit an impressive stride right from the start. There’s also Animal Lovers, Unite! Going on at the Voices Gallery, with an interdisciplinary themed show from their collective’s nine members. Down the street, you’ll also find I Came From Far Away, But I Am Here Now, a show comprised of art from immigrants at The Arts Center.

Last in the list, but by no means least, is Peter Strini’s Terminal Abstractions. Up at CEI Artworks this month, Strini is debuting some gorgeous paintings that do what great art is good at: Communicate a lot with very little. A big part of his painting is some rather raw and brilliant video / music work that he produces. Check out this link for a taste: There should be resources on hand at the show to get you more.

The CAW traditionally runs from 4 to 8 p.m., but not all venues follow that standard. For more information, extended descriptions, and up-to-date information, please visit

• The Arts Center, 700 SW Madison Ave

• Art in the Valley, 209 SW 2nd St.

• Brittney West Studio / Plant Possee, 340 SW 2nd St. Studio 3

• CEI ArtWorks Gallery, 408 SW Monroe Ave, Suite 110

• Darkside Cinema, 215 SW 4th St.

• Evil Eye Collective Studio, 460 SW Madison Ave. #7 

• OSU Fairbanks Gallery of Art, 220 SW 26th St.

• Fred Amos Art Studio, 340 SW 2nd St., Studio #12

• The Hold, 425 SW 4th St., Suite E-2

• Karen Wysopal, 230 SW 3rd St. #310

• Pegasus Gallery, 341 SW 2nd St.

• Pops Art Studio, 425 SW Madison Ave, Suite P1

• Reynolds Gallery@Reynolds Law Firm, 225 SW 4th St.

• Studio Beatrice, 230 NW 6th St.

• Voices Gallery, 301 SW 4th St., Suite 160

By Johnny Beaver