Corvallis Arts Walk, February 15th

Bruce Burris’ work up at Fairbanks Hall

It’s February, also known as the blah month because the lack of sun is catching up the hardiest of us. The good news is that not only is the month half over, we have some energetically charged art to excite the unstimulated mind and stimulate the unexcited body.

The must see, SUPEREGIONAL exhibit by none other than Corvallis’s own, Bruce Burris, hits Fairbanks Gallery upstairs. Ever try to hide the emotional chaos of your own life? Well, Burris noticed and this exhibit strives to remind us of the fact that everyone tries to hide away difficult things. 

Also in the Fairbanks Gallery is the Oregon State University Woodshop Projects; a filled-to-the-brim smorgasbord of creative expression. To elaborate, nearly 30 artists hailing from Corvallis, Portland, and Eugene are displaying work. What’s the shtick? Said artists identify as largely self-taught, reminding us that art is a state of mind and not always a school bill.

Like always, the CAW has even more goodies to be experienced, so slip on the feet covers, button up the body wrapper, and change that potential energy into the kinetic sort.  

The CAW traditionally runs from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., but not all venues follow the standard. As always, for more information please visit

Darkside Cinema, 215 SW 4th St.

Corvallis Multicultural Literacy Center, 128 SW 9th St

Fred Amos Art Studio, 340 SW 2nd St. Studio #12

The Hold, 425 SW 4th St., Suite E-2

CEI ArtWorks Gallery, 408 SW Monroe Avenue, Suite 110

Voices Gallery, 301 SW 4th Street, Suite 160

The Arts Center, 700 SW Madison Avenue

Pegasus Gallery, 341 SW 2nd Street

Brittney West Studio, 340 SW 2nd Street, Studio 3

Art in the Valley, 209 SW 2nd Street

Fairbanks Gallery, 220 SW 26th Street

Pops Art Studio, 425 SW Madison Avenue, Suite P1

Karen Wysopal, 230 SW 3rd St. #310

Jagged Touch Studio, 340 SW 2nd St. #11

The Majestic Theater, 115 SW 2nd St

By Anthony Vitale