Corvallis Artist Named 2018 Hallie Ford Fellow

On June 4, local artist Bruce Burris received one of five Hallie Ford Fellowships. The fellowship, which is administered by the Ford Family Foundation, intends to nourish the advancement of the artistic landscape in Oregon. Fellows are selected based on the quality and evolution of their work as well as the potential of the artist’s work to impact the artistic community of Oregon. Recipients of the fellowship receive an unrestricted $25,000 stipend.  

Burris has been based out of Corvallis for the past five years. Currently his artwork focuses on issues that communities face regarding ideological divides in industry. Burris is the director of ArtWorks CEI and Outpost1000, which strive to create artistic careers and form connections in the community for people from marginalized groups.  

Upon news of receiving the fellowship, Burris reports being very grateful and excited. He plans on using the award to improve his workspace, citing that “the kitchen table/outdoor side of the house… with chickens/folding table in a lumber room setup just wasn’t cutting it.”  

Going forward, the artist says he would like to see more creative opportunity in the community.  A small, flexible art space “could be done very affordably with a few likeminded community players” and would be greatly beneficial to the community in Burris’s opinion.  

In addition, he thinks inclusion of creative spaces in the plans for a service center, for people who are temporarily without a home, would be impactful.  “Usually cultural programs built in this way represent the smallest slice of the budget, yet often define the institution in a very positive way,” Burris comments.

From behalf of The Corvallis Advocate, we extend our gratitude and congratulations to Bruce Burris, and are excited to see what he does next.

By Erica Johnson