Community Clothes Swap Brings Designer, Vintage, and Handmade ​Items

I don’t know about you, but I’m counting down the days until it’s officially summer! And what’s better to help one get in the spirit of the season than refreshing last year’s summer wardrobe. Enter Loose Ends: a monthly pop-up clothing event that has everything you need to nail your summer look.

“Loose Ends is a monthly vintage/contemporary/streetwear/handmade/designer clothing pop up event currently hosting a variety of local individual vendors selling clothing ranging from vintage t shirts to handmade women’s clothing to high end designer pieces,” Gabriel Noller, swap co-organizer, explained. Not only that, but they have fresh tunes and refreshments too. 

Beyond just offering up seriously cool threads, their goal is a noble one: to bring the community together.

“We wanted an outlet for promoting micro-entrepreneurship because we see it as a valuable enterprise that promotes business connections on a local and personal level compared to the world of ‘big fashion’ and their misguided ideals,” Noller said. 

They also are on a mission to foster sustainability through vintage fashion. “We firmly believe in sustainability and recycling, we are strongly against fast fashion ideals. We think there’s something special in old clothing: the stories to be told in the wear and fades, the graphics, the fonts, the smells.” We do too.

The next Loose Ends is June 2nd from 11am to 5pm. However, they are opening a storefront space, Suite Zero, on June 7th and will have new items throughout the week, every week! Suite Zero is located at 425 SW Madison AVE in Suite 0-3 downstairs below Starbucks. Come check it out.

By Ashley Rammelsberg