Comedy Night with Kate Willett

Another amazing comedian is headed to the Majestic with a set that is sure to awaken you from that end-of-the-semester, Mid-Valley slumber. Kate Willett, whose self proclaimed “raunchy feminist storytelling” is perhaps unsettling to the prototypical campus bro or otherwise faint of heart. For others, her witty take on dating, sexuality, dismantling the double standards of promiscuity, or the duality of being both attracted and repelled by the wang, is a must-see. 

Despite her relatively short tenure on the comedy scene, Kate Willett is a seasoned stand-up comedian, actor and writer that has toured and opened nationally and internationally with veterans in the circuit such as Margaret Cho, Ali Wong and Kyle Kinane. She has compiled quite the resume in only six short years, starring in Viceland’s Flophouse and Comedy Central’s This is Not Happening, and has an upcoming Netflix special that debuts later this summer. Fresh off her latest club tour in China, she will have a lot to say in her hour-long routine.

Growing up in LA, Kate migrated northward in her youth to San Francisco where she began a career in comedy, hosting open mic nights at local clubs, learning her craft from more experienced comedians and slowly building confidence as a performer.

Comedic giant, Margaret Cho, who has been in comedy for nearly three decades now, was extremely influential for Kate. Kate met Margaret at bar show that Kate produced at the Club Deluxe in San Francisco, and hit it off with her. Subsequently she joined her on tour for much of 2015, learning tricks of the trade, “how to live a life in comedy, believe in herself and be around people that were supportive” of her ambitions as a standup comedian. 

Where Cho was a trailblazer, having to slog her way through the male-dominated industry as a woman comedian and actor, Willett feels that a “huge amount of progress has been made on having women performing in shows and doing comedy,” although she laments that comedians with the most power and who make the most money are still overwhelmingly dudes.

Writing jokes that deconstruct preconceived notions about gender, sexuality and the perils of dating in places like New York and San Francisco are Kate’s bread and butter. Life experiences such as her encounters with polyamory and married men trying to complicate her single life help inform her material. 

As someone that is bisexual, Kate also has insights into the nuances of dating both men and women. In her debut comedy album released last year entitled Glass Gutter, Kate isn’t afraid to dispel myths that women aren’t attracted to disgusting and pathetic men and suggests that women should be able to wallow in depraved behavior as well. I mean it is only fair if we are truly championing equality, right?

Now an expatriate of the West Coast, Kate is enjoying her newfound life in the long-gentrified, yet diverse borough of Brooklyn as she is working on new material for her Netflix show. Despite being a loathed, native Californian, Kate shares a disdain of California tech bros and Silicon Valley interlopers, so there is that too.  

Get your tickets as they will go fast. There will be a 15-minute opener featuring Portland comic Carter Anderson. Sponsors of Corvallis Comedy Night are 2 Towns Ciderhouse, Block 15 and Cloud & Kelly’s.

Kate Willett performs at the Majestic in the Starker Auditorium on June 8. Tickets are $14 and the show starts at 7:30 p.m. The Majestic Theatre is located at 115 SW 2nd Street in Corvallis

For more information go to or contact the Majestic box office at 541-738-7469 or email

By Chris McDowell