Coloring Page, Courtesy of Trump Still Sucks

Remember that Corvallis courthouse protest just one year ago, after Trump issued the Travel Ban, and we were like hell no, f*ck that, let’s rally? At least, that was resident Brandy Barrett’s mindset when she sent a few texts to friends that Sunday morning, on January 29 of 2017, saying ‘hey, you guys wanna start a protest?’ (I may have been one of those friends, nbd).

One permit and over 600 people later, we were hearing powerful remarks by senator Sara Gelser and Corvallis school board member Sami Al-AbdRabbuh, and many, many others. Not to mention songs by the grannie choir of Corvallis. 

 Here is in memory of that powerful day, a reminder of the power we have as a community, that stretches to a nation under attack of bigotry and pervasive, straight-up bullsh*t.

Let’s keep protesting the powers, no matter how hard it gets.

By Stevie Beisswanger

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