A Chance For Rare Vinyl: Record Store Day 2018

Record Store Day 2018 is upon us: Saturday, April 21. This annual holiday for vinyl enthusiasts produces some pretty special limited releases, and Happy Trail Records on 3rd has you covered for some of them. We spoke with owner Doug DiCarolis to find out what releases we might see at Happy Trails. Just keep in mind while we can tell you what he’s ordered for the store, he might only receive 75 percent of those records… but hey, that’s the way the news goes. 

*Burp* Here are some of the highlights.

Frank Zappa: “Lumpy Gravy: Primordial”
This orchestral piece was originally recorded in 1967, and was categorized by Zappa as a ballet. This edit has never been released on vinyl before, and 4,000 of them will be hitting stores. Fans of unexpected key and time changes or xylophones should check this record out. Scratch that, everybody should listen to this. Zappa is a god. Fight me.

The Black Lips and the Khan Family: “Play Safe”
Atlanta garage heroes, The Black Lips, traveled to Germany and recorded with quasi-religious icon and beloved maniac “King Khan” and his “family” to produce this exclusive release. I can confirm that one member of the Khan Family is KK’s daughter, but the rest just might be members of a cult that he started without telling me. I would join that cult. This record also features contributions from The Spits and John Lennon’s kid, Sean. Not f*cking kidding.

Tom Waits: “Brawlers, Bawlers, and Bastards”
This was originally a three-album set that was released in 2006. The Record Store Day release splits these three albums up into three double LPs: all indispensable. This is one of my favorite collections of music ever compiled, and yours too. These records feature an eclectic mix of everything from stumbling waltzes, to scummy Americana, to disheartening bedtime stories, all covered in that thick layer of red dirt that Waits is famous for. Don’t believe me? Check out the tracks “Fish in the Jailhouse” and “Long Way Home.”

All this weird stuff that I like isn’t the end of it, though. Happy Trails has also ordered releases from Wu Tang, Courtney Barnett, Soundgarden, Sun Ra, The Who, and several others. You can call one or two days ahead of time to confirm what releases have arrived. I wouldn’t wait, though. Once a Record Store Day release is gone, you might not see it again.

By Jay Sharpe