CAW, April 19: Matt Conklin, Caroline Moses, Plinkiewisch Scholars + More

Matt Conklin. Image courtesy of OUTPOST1000.

April has arrived, and with it a lineup of art shows that you just might be able to go see without freezing half to death in the process. Don’t quote me on that.

There are several stand-out shows this time around, including the elephant in the room: Matt Conklin’s NOW HEAR THIS at CEI Artworks. We talked this up a storm last week for a reason. The press info for his exhibit calls him a visionary, and I personally feel like that might even be too light a description. Not many world-builders have achieved what Conklin has, and you’d really be doing yourself a great injustice to skip out on this one. People talk a good game about the brilliant things happening in our backyards – this is a chance to see that in action.

Also worthy of your time is Oregon State University, Bachelor of Fine Arts grad Caroline Moses’ I Know What You’d Like, Something I Can Understand at the Voices Gallery. She’ll be showing a series of reflective works that exist “somewhere between the conceptual art world and how the general population validates art. It aims to provide commentary on the judgments of valuable use of artists’ time, rather than the art itself.” 

Additional spots you’ll want to put near the top of your list include Fairbanks Gallery and Woodshop Projects – the former will feature Plinkiewisch scholar work (ie. Art students who have received a major, merit-based scholarship), and the latter a show from Portland artist Katherine Spinella that looks really enticing.

As always, you should really make a night of it and hit up every joint in the list. You never know what you’ll find!

The CAW traditionally runs from 4 to 8 p.m., but not all venues follow the standard. For more information please visit

• The Arts Center, 700 SW Madison Avenue

• Art in the Valley, 209 SW 2nd Street

• Brittney West Studio, 340 SW 2nd Street, Studio 3

• CEI ArtWorks Gallery, 408 SW Monroe Avenue, Suite 110

• Darkside Cinema, 215 SW 4th St.

• Evil Eye Studios, 406 SW Madison Ave. #7

• Fairbanks Gallery, 220 SW 26th Street

• Fred Amos Art Studio, 340 SW 2nd St. Studio #12

• The Hold, 425 SW 4th St., Suite E-2

• Jagged Touch Studio, 340 SW 2nd St. #11

• Karen Wysopal, 230 SW 3rd St. #310

• The Little Gallery, OSU Kidder Hall 210

• The Majestic Theatre, 115 SW 2nd St

• OSU Woodshop Projects (basement level of Fairbanks Gallery)

• Pegasus Gallery, 341 SW 2nd Street

• Pops Art Studio, 425 SW Madison Avenue, Suite P1

• Studio Beatrice, 230 NW 6th St.

• Voices Gallery, 301 SW 4th Street, Suite 160

By Johnny Beaver