Call For Mental Health Submissions: Voice the Void

Seeking mental health help where we live can be challenging—devastating even, when you find the resources just aren’t there. If you have faced or have seen others struggle with the gaps in our local mental health system, you might have a reason to share.

The Advocate is seeking people who can share these experiences and help “voice the void” in front of community leaders. Our ultimate goal is to touch area decision makers deeply enough that they are moved to action.

Your story submissions will be anonymized unless otherwise requested. Some will be published, and in other instances, you may be invited to speak, if you would like. Area decision makers will be contacted in three ways: through our published story, invitation to a public Advocate CitySpeak event, and ultimately with an abstract of all the stories collected. After all of this, we will be monitoring for progress, our view being it may be desirable for the community to consider a mental health services levy, or other means, to improve available help.

Please email submissions to: Along with what happened, please include age, gender, and if insurance was public or private for the person needing assistance.