Booze & Brews: Gauge Your Night Out

Nightlife in Corvallis can mean a variety of bar vibes. Whether you’re looking for a classy night on the town, a quiet adventure with friends, or the wild Cor-Vegas experience out-of-towners are always talking about, we’ve got you covered. Here is your guide to all things drank: 

The Classy

Tyee Wine Cellars  • $$
26335 Greenberry Rd, Corvallis

Upon discovering this gem, one might feel like they’ve walked into a magical Pacific Northwest dream world. Located on 600+ acres of picture perfect oak savanna, hazelnut orchards, and woodsy trails, this legacy farm includes both a tasting room built from an old milking barn and a beautiful nature reserve where one can have a truly authentic and affordable winery experience, guided by passionate staff.

Vinwood Taphouse  • $$
1736 Main St, Philomath

A welcome locale for the small-town folk of Philomath and surrounding areas, the bright, warm and friendly Vinwood boasts a great collection of quality beer, cider and wine, along with excellent service and pleasant staff. Locally owned, it’s the perfect place for large groups to enjoy quality brews along with choice menu items like sandwiches and burgers.

Big River Restaurant • $$
101 NW Jackson Ave, Corvallis

Since 1995, Big River has been the city’s premier location for fine dining. Impress your date or celebrate at this simple yet upscale joint, where you can still see remnants of the ancient bus station it was built upon. Drop by the bar at happy hour before heading into the restaurant for a locally-sourced meal: the huge drink menu includes an impressive selection of single-malt whiskies, fancy beers and attractive cocktails, along with refined versions of classic pub grub.

Del Alma • $$$
135 SW Washington Ave, Corvallis

Possibly the most upscale joint in Corvallis, Del Alma’s Pan-Latin cuisine is beyond elegant: an eclectic selection of cocktails and South American, Latin American, and Spanish wines, combined with equally vivid and flavorful dishes make the dining and drinking experience absolutely sublime. Expect a hip, romantic atmosphere indoors or a view of the river on the promenade outside.

The Casual

The Downward Dog • $$
130 SW 1st St, Corvallis

This cozy, low-key, yet ostensibly cool locale is the perfect gathering place for friends, locals, and students alike. Unpretentious mixologists whip up fresh fruit cocktails with house-made infusions while a surprisingly mellow crowd murmurs under low and intimate lighting. The atmosphere at the downtown Downward Dog can be at once raucous, relaxing, and comfortable as hell, a delightful paradox punctuated by delicious and affordable drunchies, most notably the onsite chef’s famous truffle fries.

Mazama Brewing • $$
33930 Eastgate Circle, Corvallis

This family-owned and operated brewery specializing in award-winning Belgian-inspired ales offers a sweet taproom with an amazingly hospitable staff. After sampling what many call the best beer in Corvallis, patrons can refill their personal growlers and bring home fresh beer. Mazama employees are experts on beer and can help customers pick their new favorites.

Flat Tail Brewing • $$
202 SW 3rd St, Corvallis

The perfect place for Beaver fans, Flat Tail is awash in orange and black, with nachos just as bomb as their beer selection. Flat Tail’s modern brew palette perfectly accompanies their delicious pub-style munchies. 

TacoVino • $$
151 NW Monroe Ave, Corvallis

Taco Vino has seen unprecedented success as an up-and-coming family-friendly restaurant, most likely due to its incredibly diverse selection of tacos, tapas and exotic house-made drinks. Tacos inspired from around-the-world cuisine come in seemingly unlimited flavors from curry to jackfruit to fish, while exotic booze options like mezcal and sangria are just begging to be explored. Expect a crowd, but the happy, upbeat staff will make up for it.

Beer 30 • $$
1835 SE 3rd St, Corvallis

This delightful combo of tasting room and growler fill station was brought to Corvallis by a family passionate about trying every flavor the beer world has to offer. Offering up an experience that is more of an adventure than just a drink, the establishment will make sure you are full of delicious barbecued meat while you enjoy your beerventure. With thirty different beers on tap, one can be sure that when it’s beer thirty, they’ll know exactly where to go!

The Letting Loose

2 Towns Ciderhouse • $
33930 SE Eastgate Circle, Corvallis

With an onsite brewery that manufactures what some consider the best cider in Oregon—and possibly the world—this taproom offers palatable tasting trays of fruity varieties. Patrons can watch TV, play board games, throw some corn hole, or punch dart boards with friends while swallowing pints of their favorite flavors like Made Marion and Ginja Ninja. 2 Towns also hosts free yoga twice a week.

Clodfelters • $
1501 NW Monroe Ave, Corvallis

Despite what you may have heard around campus, this isn’t just a frat bar. It’s more of a sports bar, for some of the biggest fans in the area. With a campus-centric location and several big-screen TVs with NFL Sunday Ticket, many young patrons might be tempted to drop their own cable subscriptions and meet their friends at Clod’s instead, to watch the game while downing their favorite beer and spirits.

Cloud & Kelly’s Public House • $$
126 SW 1st St, Corvallis

This Irish-themed postmodern pub—“twin” to the downtown Downward Dog—has always hit the spot. The busier of the two bars, Cloud’s often hosts live music, dancing, and community events, like the LGBTQ+ monthly themed dance party, “Rainbow in the Clouds.” Also a good hangover locale, with their drool-worthy authentic Irish-Scottish breakfast.

Bombs Away Cafe • $$
2527 NW Monroe Ave, Corvallis

Bombs is a town favorite for a reason. Whether you’re drawn to the main cafe, where live music and comedy are nightly staples, or to the backroom bar, where a mix of students and townies can grab the best drink deals in the city, it’s bound to be a good time. New customers should expect stiff drinks at a low price, especially if they come at the right day and time. Check out their tequila club too if you’re interested in joining!

Suds & Suds • $$
1045 NW Kings Blvd, Corvallis

Those who’ve been to Woodstock’s Pizza have probably all caught a glimpse of Suds, the mysterious backroom beer bar which is a truly amazing place for so many reasons: how hidden it is, how mysterious, how it might just be a laundromat in disguise, and how many freaking beers it has on tap (fifty). To the chagrin of many, and the delight of others, Suds has the only covered outdoor smoking area in town. The tavern is also cash-only, so remember to stock the wallet before entering. 

Mix Asian Bistro • $$
106 NW 2nd St, Corvallis

It’s more than authentic Northern-style Chinese cuisine and a full-service bar, because there’s karaoke. A private room can be rented out by groups for a very decent price, and the draft beer and cocktails never run dry. Expect friendly staff, reasonable prices, and full meals up to 2 a.m. Mix also delivers to your door, so those with drunchies in need of real Asian food, rejoice.

The Dives

Tom’s Peacock Bar & Grill • $
125 SW 2nd St, Corvallis

The Peacock has been an infamous staple of Corvallis nightlife since what many may consider the dawn of time. While college students flock to “the Top o‘ the Cock”—the building’s sweatier 2nd floor which morphs into a country western dance hall on Wednesday nights—locals downstairs enjoy drinking to the distinct and legendary sounds of karaoke hosts, pool, shuffleboard, and Buck Hunter. When Peacock does charge a cover, it’s very cheap. Plus, they make up for it by serving a $1.99 Saturday morning breakfast.

Harrison Bar & Grill • $
550 NW Harrison Blvd, Corvallis

Many describe this cozy dive bar as a version of Cheers that exists in real life. This is probably due to the relationship that the bartenders have with their incredibly loyal customer base, which consists of a combination of graduate students and townies. Older adults might like Harrison’s better because they won’t often find young and drunks crowding up the place and vomiting on each other’s sneakers.

Meet’n Place Tavern • $
501 Main St, Philomath

Get ready for some dive bar goodness, great service, and a comfy, relaxed vibe unique to Philomath. The Meet’n Place has 15 beers on tap, pool tables, and an open area for dancing. Return customers recommend the bacon cheeseburger and hot wings, and to come by when there’s live music.

Impulse Bar & Grill • $$
1425 NW Monroe Ave, Corvallis

Corvallis doesn’t have any clubs, per se, but Impulse comes pretty close to being one, and is the perfect place for young people who want to have a good time and maybe get some random action on the floor while dancing their *sses off. Expect a cover charge and a packed room, but some pretty decent DJs and a surprisingly large selection of beer choices.

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By Kiki Genoa