Beat the Heat at These Locations

Besides parking, there are some things to take advantage of in Corvallis during our sizzling summer days before fall begins.

Corvallisites living on the Willamette River are lucky to have the opportunity to float via inner tube, raft, kayak, and air mattress (it’s been done). The most common route is to begin the float in Willamette Park located in South Corvallis and exit at Michael’s Landing boat launch located towards the north side of Corvallis behind the Old Spaghetti Factory. All you need is a vehicle waiting for you at your exit area, a sound, reliable floating device, towels, sunscreen, and something to eat and drink.

If the water isn’t for you, or you need some serious space from the sun, you can utilize Corvallis’ array of air-conditioned spots. Cold iced coffee and free wifi isn’t a bad way to spend a baking hot day. Tried and True coffee has an urban feel with locations in South Corvallis and Downtown. Interzone café is located on Monroe Avenue near campus with a vegetarian and vegan menu and free poetry open mics the first Friday of every month at 7:30 p.m. Imagine coffee is located on Philomath Avenue out past the campus with a large space, gentle lighting, and a pleasant atmosphere with Celtic jams Tuesday nights at 7 p.m.—not to mention piano with Bryson Skaar on Monday evenings at 7 p.m.

Additionally, you can always escape hot Corvallis through Escape Corvallis, our local escape room on Fourth Street. With friends, family, or foes, a group is placed in a room and you must use clues and puzzles, figuratively and literally, to escape. The imaginary situation you are placed in can vary from being agents with an hour to find the USB that will save American democracy in a safehouse you infiltrated belonging a Russian spy, to having an hour to find the vaccine that will save humanity from the zombie apocalypse. Your group must have at least four people in order to book a sound reservation. It’s $25 per would-be escape artist.

For a somewhat purely mental escape, pick up a book at the Book Bin downtown on Fourth Street or at Grassroots bookstore on Second. Take a seat and be swept away. Grassroots bookstore has regular author events as well for mental stimulation and an entertaining look at the authors that wrote the books on the shelves.

Looking for more air conditioning? Go to Corvallis’ only independent and locally owned movie theater, Darkside Cinema. Darkside is open every night with seven-dollar tickets on Wednesdays and every day before 6 p.m. They show independent, foreign, and art films that you won’t find at the local mainstream theater.

If you’ve got any other spots or suggestions, let us know!

For more information and details for events please see the Advocate calendar and event websites. 

By Josephine Wallace