Food Around the World

Corvallis is the home to an abundance of culturally-diverse restaurants, with flavors from around the globe. So many choices, so little stomach space.


El Cruzero: 1830 Main St, Philomath

Gasing up for an adventure? Fill your stomach up too at one of the Valley’s most authentic, family-owned Mexican restaurants (that just so happens to double as a gas station). El Cruzero has locals raving over their homey atmosphere with dishes under $10, including burritos, tacos, tostadas, empanadas, enchiladas, and … need I say more?

Bananas Ranas Café: 120 SW 4th St

Shakes, fresh-squeezed juices, and specialties like chicharron and chilangos = the perfect Mexican cafe? $3 to $8 dollars can buy a variety of menu items, but if something sweeter is calling to you, try one of their famed mangonadas, made with fresh mango, chamoy sauce, lime juice, and chili powder.

Ixtapa Mexican Restaurant: 1702 Main St

Customers compliment Ixtapa’s fast and friendly service and exceptional lunch menu with dishes under $10. The mixture of spices and aromas enriching the air will keep you coming back for more.

La Rockita: Multiple Locations

The usual suspects are all here: mouth-watering burritos, quesadillas oozing with cheese, and tacos galore, all above or around $10. One of Corvallis’ prime burrito joints, favorites include the shrimp or supreme burrito.

Taco El Machin: 544 SW 4th St

Tacos El Machin operates from an alleyside food truck with outside seating, while patrons 21-and-older can enter the inconspicuous, street-facing Suite 120. Some of the best priced tap and bottle beverages, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, tostadas, and traditional plates around town. As if you needed another reason to go, Tacos El Machin offers over a handful of house-made sauces that are absolutely delicious.

Taqueria Alonzo: 922 NW Kings Blvd

Taqueria Alonzo serves up hefty portions at a low cost, with dishes around $10. Tortas, burritos, and tacos are all at your fingertips in a cozy and festive atmosphere.

Delicias Valley Cafe: 933 NW Circle Blvd

Delicias Valley serves Mexican food and American treats in the $10 range. Fast service, fresh food, free smells, and friendly staff will keep you coming back for more. A local favorite.

Taco Vino: 151 NW Monroe Ave

Taco connoisseur, hear my cry: Taco Vino may have exactly what you’re looking for. From Korean short rib to curry chicken, they have one-of-a-kind creations between $10 and $30. Even better, enjoy great drink selections and happy hour prices that pair delightfully with those innovative tacos.


Little Morocco: 517 SW 2nd St #104

This family-friendly establishment offers dishes that include traditional middle-eastern fare moderately priced around $10 each. The lamb and hummus plates are especially delicious, while the halal and mint tea will leave you begging for more.

Al Jebal: 2240 SW 3rd St

Al Jebal brings authentic middle-eastern cuisine to Corvallis, with the bonus of operating beside a bountiful middle eastern market. Items to try include the mango lassi or the mezze platter or pretty much anything else on the menu. Prices $10 to $30 range.

Alley Gyros: 121 SW 3rd St

Another Corvallis staple, Alley Gyros offers affordable gyros under $10, with a topping bar that won’t disappoint. While the venue is small, the flavors leave a lasting impression.

Crystals Cuisine and Café: 1425 NW Monroe Ave # E

At Crystals Cafe, a very minimalistic, laid-back atmosphere is met with decadent plates of falafel, lamb gyros, and everything else you could possibly want from a Mediterranean restaurant. Plates average around $10 each.


Koriander: 215 SW 3rd St

Asian fusion and gelato have never been better together. Koriander serves up dishes with korean sides, some favorites including the Kimchi fried rice, bulgogi beef, and bibimbap bowls. Meals range between $10 and $30.

Jade Garden: 503 SW 3rd St

Jade Garden offers Szechuan, Mandarin, Cantonese, and American infused plates between $5 and $15. With those prices and their fast service, comfortable seating, and decent portions, Jade Garden is a sure thing.

Sada Sushi and Izakaya: 151 NW Monroe Ave

Sada is as known for their artful sushi rolls as they are their atmospheric, downstairs dining room. Customers can choose between a variety of dishes and sushi options between $10 and $30, as well as some delicious sakis.

Tokyo Steakhouse: 250 SW 3rd St

Offering sushi, teppanyaki, and much more, you’d be mistaken not to stop by and enjoy a meal, priced between $10 to $30. Dinner and a show is always appreciated – from watching masters of the craft create sushi right in front of you, to being in front of a master chef at a teppan (metal grill) cooking in the style of teppanyaki (using an iron griddle to cook food). You can even sit near the lobster tank!

Tian Fu Noodle: 1425 NW Monroe Ave

As small as Tian Fu Noodle may be in size, their food is large in flavor. Delivering large portions of Szechuan delights to every customer that comes in, if the cheap prices (under $10) don’t sell you, the out of this world taste surely will. Be sure to check online for open hours!

The Show: 1915 NW 9th St

Looking for some non-Americanized Chinese food? Done. The Show offers authentic Chinese food that anyone can enjoy for around $10 to $30. Their lunch specials are known to rock, just be aware that they close between lunch and dinner!

Flame Mountain BBQ: 1857 NW 9th St

A Korean barbeque experience that opened somewhat recently, Flame Mountain BBQ asks you to grab some raw meat and use the grill at your table for a DIY cooking experience between $10 and $30. Want to unleash your inner alchemist? Everything starts unseasoned, priming things for a flavor adventure while catching up with friends.


Tarntip Thai Cuisine: 2535 NW Monroe Ave

From summer rolls, to yellow curry, and even potaek – different seafood and mushrooms in a spicy soup base – Tarntip satisfies all your thai cravings. They also offer seasonal dishes, so be sure to ask what’s on the special menu. Plates range between $10 and $30.

Woodsmen: 529 Main St, Philomath

If your appetite is a force to be reckoned with, Woodsmen is the place for you. With massive portions, this restaurant is pretty one-of-a-kind in that it sports both a Thai and American menu. Unbeatable prices and mango sticky rice that’ll blow your mind. Don’t let the name fool you; definitely check this one out.


Kimhoa’s Kitchen: 1875 NW Circle Blvd0

This cute little joint offers pho along with other options like salad rolls and pad see ew. With a price range sitting under $10 for most dishes, you seriously can’t go wrong here. Just remember, they close at 3 p.m. and reopen at 5, so don’t go during those times unless you need a moment to meditate on how you’re going to stuff yourself!

Baguette: 121 SW 3rd St

This little Vietnamese restaurant is beloved by all, but perhaps especially by Corvallis vegans and those on a budget, as their sandwiches typically cost under $10. Baguette offers both vegan and nonvegan food options in a super laid-back environment. If you’re looking for a simple place to hang with absolutely killer (and affordable) food, don’t miss out. You can thank me later.


Nirvana: 2309 NW Kings Blvd

Nirvana offers an exceptional lunch buffet for those who want to try a little of everything (you know you do). With an atmosphere that’s comfortable and unfussy, you can’t ask for a better place to chow down on some naan and other Indian classics. Invite your friends, load up a plate, and have an exceptional time. Expect prices between $10 and $30.

Evergreen: 136 SW 3rd St

Southern tandoori dishes with a fantastic lunch buffet – you can dig into whatever floats your Indian food boat. Delicious curries and sauces are bound to overflow. If you feel like you can’t get enough, be sure to take a break… and then come back. Priced between $10 and $30.


Riverview Mongolian Grill: 230 NW 1st St

Bowls filled to the brim with foods you love, cooked right in front of you. Sauces you can create. A lovely little atmosphere by the riverfront. Draft beers and wines as well. How could you go wrong? Grab some friends and get experimental with the sauce. Also, come with an empty stomach – you’ll want all you can get for that pretty penny.


Local Boyz: 1425 NW Monroe Ave

Local Boyz is a local Hawaiian cafe staple in Corvallis. Offering overflowing amounts of meat, rice, and sides all in one box, you get the choice of three sizes: Menehune, Regular, and Blahah. (Small, medium, and large respectively.) Don’t underestimate these sizes, and be prepared to have leftovers. Menu items range between $10 and $15

By Nick McKeever