Advocate Apologizes, Seeks Input

The Corvallis Advocate formally issues an apology to the community in response to the overwhelming negativity caused after our printing and posting an interview with racist bigot Andrew Oswalt.

What was meant to shed light on the insidious thought processes of a deranged mind was instead taken by the public as a free platform on which to espouse these bigoted views.

We believe that the greatest malevolence festers in the dark – in failing to clearly articulate this, we missed the mark. What Oswalt believes implicitly contradicts everything this paper stands for, and we do not know how to begin to apologize for not successfully conveying that.

Unfortunately, the disclaimer that was a sidebar to the piece was not directly posted with it online, so some might have missed our declaration that publishing the interview was “not a unanimous decision” and that “there is nobody at this paper that supports [Oswalt’s] ideas.”

The decision to publish was made, as always, after some careful debate among editorial team members, and long conversations with the staffer who wrote it, offering guidance and instruction. Clearly, the end result was not what it should have been, which is why…

We Could Use Your Help

Not shrinking from our responsibility to have made better decisions in the handling of our Oswalt article, we believe that there is room for critical debate among the community as to how we coalesce, despite the hurtful words and actions of a misled few.

If you are offended, angered, disappointed, or hurt by our decision to print the Oswalt interview, please write us with your thoughts and suggestions as to what we could’ve done better, and what we could do better in the future.

Our goal has always been, and will always be to serve the community to the best of our abilities. With your support, we will continue to strengthen our weaknesses, as we support the community in both its strengths and weaknesses.

It is our hope that some of the public will be able to recognize our original intent and accept this apology for what it is: admittance that we botched an opportunity and let the community down.

We will continue to try to improve with the community’s help, as we will continue supporting all facets of the community, through our mission goals and values. We’re still the paper that can produce deep, intensive work. And when we get knocked down, we get up again.

Thank you for your understanding,

Stevie Beisswanger


The Corvallis Advocate

Here is a link to our sidebar, that was originally published alongside the Oswalt interview: