Willamette Valley Power Yoga

1478926329647In the vast sea of yoga studios by which Corvallis is surrounded, it doesn’t seem like the easiest feat for newcomers to wade in and stay afloat. This logic, however, has been easily defied by Corvallis’ latest studio to join the ranks: Willamette Valley Power Yoga. The downtown yoga studio is bringing a much-welcomed, fresh style to our mellow town, itching to sweat harder. Not only have they built a successful business in a community far from starved for yoga outlets, but this is their second studio they’ve opened—in just over a year.

WVPY is owned by four women from the Albany/Corvallis community. Co-owners Nicole Scariano and Melinda Luksch started teaching out of their lofts. Fellow co-owners Jessica Perlenfein and Jen Alder joined the lineup at Scariano’s loft. The home studios couldn’t hold the attendance that seemed to grow every week, which prompted the four friends to brainstorm about going bigger.

“The four of us joined forces to make more space for our already existing students and create possibility to share something we love with our community,” explained Luksch.

Create more space they did, starting with their Albany studio, which opened in April of 2015. Though they always intended to open in Corvallis, Albany happened to have the perfect space, so they started there. As it took off and the community (both Corvallis’ and Albany’s) flocked to the bright, polished studio, it eventually became a necessity to open in Corvallis to make even more room. The local downtown studio opened in May of 2016 and has seen a similar turnout.

The newest yoga outlet follows the Baptiste practice, which is a heated (though not as hot as Bikram—think summer days in the high 80s calling for shorts and a tank top) vinyasa flow that has a balanced focus of inner and outer work. You know, that meditation/soul stuff paired nicely with the physical challenge stuff. Think it’s just for the veteran practitioners? Think again. Luksch says classes are taught to all levels.

“Zlhe practice meets each student where they are, whether looking for physical or emotional well-being. Classes provide modifications for injuries and other physical needs. We don’t see these as limitations, rather as opportunities to learn about the body and how amazingly adaptable it is,” she said.

Located just off of 4th Street on C Avenue, WVPY rates run at $15 for a drop-in class, with packages of 10 classes/$100 and monthly memberships. They also offer student and military discounts, as well as new-student deals. The Albany studio is located downtown on SW 5th Avenue. Memberships and class packages are valid at both locations.

Bringing the much-needed fresh boost to the Corvallis yoga community in an approachable, welcoming environment, Willamette Valley Power Yoga has set its anchor solidly. Twice over. 

By Leah Biesack