Welcoming Our Two Latest Weed Arrivals

Ever since recreational marijuana was legalized in our state, Corvallis has embraced the green economy and pot shops are popping up left and right. This week, the Advocate reviews the town’s two newest dispensaries: one that’s been open since last summer and one that is brand spankin’ new. Yee-haw, am I right?

The Corvallis Cannabis Club
Owned by Aro Manukyan, the Corvallis Cannabis Club made a home in Corvallis last year. The business, which is almost always busy and filled with customers, is dedicated to providing the largest variety of strains and price points in town in order to ensure that it caters to each and every one of its clients. 

The Cannabis Club sells pot to both recreational and medical patients, and employees say that an average of 180 to 220 customers come in daily. Nine workers are employed by the shop to man the front desk, sell glass products, tend the buds, and manage the place. 

All employees are subjected to OLCC permit testing and training, and though medical marijuana licenses are not required for workers, each one must have an OLCC workers’ permit. According to manager Lily Gevorkova, the employees “take great pride in the services they provide” and have weekly meetings to “stay sharp on [their] newest strains.”

At the Cannabis Club, each client can purchase up to 1 ounce of dried buds, 5 grams of concentrate, and/or 50 milligrams of edibles every day. Currently, the store does not sell seeds or clones to customers, but in addition to flowers, edibles, and concentrates, they do sell topical products and have a collection of smoking tools and accessories for sale including large glass devices.

Veterans who shop at the Cannabis Club get 10% off on every purchase. The store has daily sales on quarter quantities and a sale on all eighths weighing 4 grams or larger every Sunday. Once a week, pre-rolled buds are $3.50; on Tuesdays, entire purchases are 10% off, and on birthdays, clients get 10% off. Gevorkova recommends following the business on Leafly to keep up with their daily deals.

As with others, this dispensary is a cash-only business, though they have an ATM on site to serve customers who come in with credit cards.

Gevorkova said the shop is different from others in town because it gives customers plenty of time to select and view products first-hand before buying. Clients are also able to choose any dollar amount they want for purchases other than pre-rolled joints and edibles. “We are the only shop in the area that does an ‘open jar’ atmosphere,” Gevorkova explained. “We love what we do and we love our customers!”

The Corvallis Cannabis Club is open daily from 8 a.m. to 9:45 p.m.; it’s located downtown at 220 NW 2nd Street. Cannabis users and patients interested in finding out more can call them at 541-602-7278 or visit their Leafly profile at www.leafly.com/dispensary-info/california-s-cannabis-club.

Marie Jane’s Cannabis Connection
The Cannabis Connection, also known as Marie Jane’s, is owned by Christina Jancila and is the very first recreation-oriented marijuana shop in Corvallis. As the newest pot shop in town, Marie Jane’s strives to stand apart from similar stores— the most obvious difference to customers being that it is the first cannabis store in town to have an open shop without a lobby or waiting room. According to Jancila, customers are carded prior to entry and then get to wait in “a comfortable relaxed atmosphere where interactions with staff and other customers are encouraged and embraced.”

The Cannabis Connection is run by eight employees, all of whom are well-versed in the business and stay up to date on different strains and products by maintaining a close relationship with vendors. “What sets my employees apart from [those at] other dispensaries,” explained Jancila, “is the diversity in the people I hire. The age ranges from 22 to 62 [and] every employee brings their own unique experience and knowledge with marijuana to my shop.” 

Jancila described her employees as reflecting her customer base, which she says ranges from 21 to 91 years old. No medical cards are required to work at her shop, but every employee is required by law to have a marijuana worker permit from the OLCC.

Marijuana at Marie Jane’s is sold deli-style, and customers can try small amounts of different strains. Budtenders weigh the marijuana at the counter in front of customers. Under legal requirements, recreational customers can buy up to an ounce of dried flowers per day. The store also sells a variety of quality clones from local Benton County growers. Recreational customers can buy up to four clones.

The best deals at the Cannabis Connection include $6 and $7 grams, available every day. Usual prices run from under $6 per gram to a maximum of $16 a gram. Like the CCC, Marie Jane’s only uses cash and has an ATM available. 

Jancila said that because Marie Jane’s is the newest pot shop in town, it must stand apart from the status quo to attract an equal selection of customers. The store boasts the best deals on marijuana in the area, and also has a variety of strains that are difficult to find anywhere else. “At Marie Jane’s, I pride myself on offering the best possible price in town along with the best quality in products I sell,” said Jancila, adding, “No bunk, no bull!”

The store has a strain request box where customers can ask for special strains, including types of weed they’d like to try as well as pot they miss from long ago. Popular requests include old-school strains à la Acapulco Gold and Maui Waui, suggested by reminiscing baby boomers.

Jancila, who is a social worker in addition to being a business owner, said she is dedicated to supporting people who struggle to exist in normal society, especially those who are homeless or have been incarcerated. “Anyone who comes into Marie Jane’s knows that we embrace the diversity in our community,” Jancila said. “You are not just a customer, but a person with a name.”

Marie Jane’s Cannabis Connection is open Sunday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., and on Saturday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. The shop is located on the south side of downtown at 568 SW 3rd Street. Recreational and medical consumers can call them at 541-360-3952 or visit their website at mariejanescannabisconnection.com.

Though MJCC does not use Leafly, customers can use a similar service called WeedMaps to track daily sales and deals by visiting weedmaps.com/dispensaries/mary-jane-s-cannabis-connection.

By Kiki Genoa