Welcome Back, Orange and Black: Buzz From Students And Businesses

Jessica Giulietti

You know that scene in OG Jumanji, when the game’s like nah, lil’ Kristen Dunst, that’s not thunder, and then a stampede of rhinoceroses, elephants, and zebras bust through the study and spill out onto the streets? Well, the students are back in Corvallis and it’s not like that at all. Nobody’s running or hiding – in fact, here are some sweet words and warm welcomes from a few select Corvallis employees and Oregon State students gearing up for the school year: 

Kourtni Rader, Seoul Sisters Boutique, 138 SW 2nd St
“I love when the students come back, I definitely notice a difference in the vibe. And a lot of times, the people I see are new students exploring campus and downtown with their family for the first time, and it’s all very exciting. A lot of the international students are interested in our store, and they’ve all moved in and have been walking through. They see the sign and are surprised we’re here in Corvallis, and it’s exciting for them.” 

Bridget Worsch, University Hero, 211 SW 5th St
“We’re excited for the gameday hype. It should pick up and get really busy, it’ll be fun. We also have a bunch of new crew members coming in as well, and we’re in the process of training right now.”  

Julia Zalapa, Restyle Home, 462 SW Madison Ave
“We’re excited for the students to be back and get a pickup in business. Since we are so close to campus, we do notice the difference between summer and fall, when the students return.”  

Michelle Hazelton, The Little Lunch Box, 136 SW 2nd St
“The student body is a pretty important part of our industry in Corvallis. It slows down in the summer and that’s definitely noticeable, so when they do come back it’s always noticeably busier. And we do try to cater to that. We try to make affordable meals for the college kids, you know a dollar taco and a beer is often what they’re looking for, so we do count on that rush when they return.”

Aysha, Joe’s Burgers, 2501 SW Jefferson Way
“We’re excited for the vibe, and campus to feel more lively again. We’re excited for the football games to start back up as well”  

Christopher Buckley, Freshman
“I’m most looking forward to starting classes. I want to try the surfing class sometime this year.”

Jessica Giulietti, Freshman 
“I’m most excited for classes, and I really like the campus. Everyone’s been really friendly so far.” 

Colin DiNino-Childers, Sophomore
“I’m pretty excited, It’s nice to see people trickling in, and I think it’s gonna be a good year. It’s my first year living in a fraternity, so I’m excited for that, and I’m also on the rugby team and it’ll be nice to be back with the team as well.” 

Anushka Pandey, Senior
“I’m most excited to have more people around campus. And also, football season.” 

Aye Myint Myat Aung, Junior
“Even though I enjoyed the long summer break, I missed hanging out with my beloved beaver fam. I’m so excited that the school is starting soon. I can’t wait to meet with the fam, go to the gym and have a grain bowl from McNary Dining hall.”

By  Hannah Jardan, with intro by Stevie Beisswanger