We Mingle to March On

DragNightAsk me, “What puts the move in our marching shoes?” and I’ll tell you it’s community. In order to stand in protest, we need reprieve: moments of hard or light-hearted laughter, rest and relaxation. After all the inauguration-incited marches, came a few events made to remind us of the fun and strength in our community, and here’s a look at two of them:

Dam Right Drag Night
Imagine this: A roaring crowd of over 450 queer and straight allies packed at The Dam arcade and sports bar, screaming “F*ck Trump” at the top of their lungs, led by a boisterous drag queen clad in vintage 50s apparel. Welcome to downtown The Dam’s first Dam Night Drag Night, an LGBTQ-friendly event that will continue on every third Friday of the month, featuring an all ages Gay-mer slot, followed by a 21-and-older DJ dance party and drag show.

It is no coincidence that the Drag Night’s first installment, “In-Our-Gay-Nation,” was arranged for Friday, Jan. 20
-—and the Willamette Valley performers put on a passionate, powerful show. Performances ranged from renditions of James Brown’s “It’s A Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” to Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now,” while DJ Wokr played a seamless set. Indeed it felt like there was no better place to be on the night of inauguration; clearly the spirit of Corvallis is alive—and no one’s holding back.

The Dam’s next Dam Right Drag Night is set for Friday, Feb. 17. Don’t forget your dolla dolla bills y’all. And a big shout-out to Montucky Cold Snacks, who sponsored this past Friday’s event and is donating proceeds to a local queer organization.

Don’t Let the Clown Get You Down Community Drink
Local taproom Cloud and Kelly’s was packed to capacity this past Sunday for an Advocate-hosted “Don’t Let the Clown Get You Down” Community Drink. Editor in Chief Steve Schultz made introductions in welcoming to the stage the paper’s Managing Editor Stevie Beisswanger.

In her opening remarks, Beisswanger referenced failures in politics and news, alongside the paper’s lofty endeavor of advocating for those who are silenced or struggle to be heard, saying, “No great endeavor comes without failure… I want to leave you all with a reminder that every failure is a learning opportunity.” This notion was echoed throughout the night by various patrons, including local inventor Richard Rau, who noted that, with a different outcome, we all wouldn’t have the opportunity of getting together to problem solve and connect.

Following Beisswanger’s speech was an improv show put on by Long Con Improv, which had the audience in tears with performers’ impersonations of the orange devil himself during a mock debate and press conference, reminding everyone to live and laugh a little during these emotional, reactive times.

The Advocate hopes to continue in this tradition of hosting fun and refreshing community events, and thanks all who could attend this past Sunday. A special thanks to the Long Con Improv group and Cloud and Kelly’s for providing us with shelter, booze and hysterics. We love you, Corvallis.

By Lily Silver