Vivacity Distillery and the New Bar Passport

Hillary Davidson knows the Corvallis bar scene better than most. From bar hopping during her college days to her past bartending gig at the Peacock, Davidson really “gets” Corvallis bar culture. After seeing a job for the Marketing & Events Manager at Vivacity Spirits, she jumped at the chance to work for the local female-owned distillery.

Vivacity Spirits specializes in distilling spirits in small batches using locally sourced and mostly organic ingredients. The company offers six types of liquors including vodka, Turkish coffee liqueur, rum, brandy, and two types of gin.

Once she had the job, Davidson quickly pitched a marketing tool she had been considering—a local bar passport. “I wanted to educate our backyard about Vivacity’s product,” Davidson said. “We wanted something fun and interactive for the participants, but also something the bartenders would be excited about doing.”

There is currently no other fun activity quite like this in Corvallis. Passports are free and can be picked up at any of the 11 participating establishments: The Dam, 101, Demaggio’s, BellHop, Bombs Away, Kingfish, The Downward Dog, Cloud & Kelly’s Public House, Handle Bar, Big River, and the Vivacity Tasting Room. You can also follow the trail through social media on Vivacity’s Facebook page or on their Instagram @ExploreVivacity.

With passport in hand, visit the bars and restaurants and order the signature Vivacity Passport cocktail. Each location serves a different type of beverage, each named by the individual bartenders. Whenever you’re out for a glass, ask your bartender the story of how they named their drink as you try out the specialty cocktail at each bar. Cody is a Russian-speaking bartender at Cloud & Kelly’s; as a tribute to both his bilingual abilities and the current political climate, he named their cocktail “The Cold War.”

While on your exploration, be sure to snap a few pics and post photos of your Vivacity Passport cocktails and ventures to share your experience as you collect stamps at each place. Once completed, head to the Vivacity Tasting Room for a free tasting, tour of the distillery, and a free Vivacity T-shirt.

Vivacity Spirits Tasting Room is located at 720 NE Granger Avenue #C; 541-286-4285. Learn more about what they do at

By Jennier Moreland